XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "There are two possibilities: Either this game is going to be good, or it’s going to be bad. Both are equally as terrifying. Well, not really, but it's no easy feat to take on a classic franchise and bring forward for a more modern audience. EA's similar attempt with the Syndicate franchise was a bit of a shamble (although arguably that's down to the overcrowded FPS genre as much as anything else), and 2K will have to tread carefully with Enemy Unknown. Thankfully, they've got a few things going for them – they've get it more true to the original game than other 'reboots', they've got strategy God's Firaxis at the helm, and having had a hands-on session with the game, it's actually pretty good".

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ExPresident2344d ago

Here's the problem, its from a big Publisher who isn't known for keeping things hardcore or to its 'roots' so to speak. I have no hope that it will be as good as the original because they've never given me a reason to think it should be, much the same as Blizzard with Diablo III and the Ghost Recon series but it is what it is.

For a cheaper, yet more accurate 'reboot' google Xenonauts. You'll thank me.