What Game Companies Can Learn from Apple

Apple made a big splash again on Tuesday, January 15 with the announcement of its ultraportable MacBook Air laptop, new iPhone enhancements and an Apple TV update. As usual, most of these new products are available right away (the MacBook Air ships in two weeks) and as always, Steve Jobs and company put the consumer first -- or at least do a bang-up job of making the customer feel like they come first.

So why aren't game companies taking more notes from Apple?

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mighty_douche4290d ago

i love Apple products. Sure they're a little expensive, but I THINK worth it.

99% of the people who slag them off have never even used a single Apple product (or ipod at the most).

Jrome4290d ago

1) Apple products are overpriced
2) No they are not worth it...especially ipods..there are MUCH better mp3 players out there with more open codecs and better features

3) apple sells its products by gimmick and people eat it's actually pretty funny

4) have to go to school ^^

ElfShotTheFood4290d ago

A extra button or two would only confuse Mac users.

whoelse4290d ago

I dont feel they are putting customers first. Putting a price tag to get the features iPhone users have been enjoying for some time now and then giving it away for free on iPod touch's bought from now.