E3 2012: Sony's next big surprise?

All according to PSM3 magazine (UK), which states that the manufacturer has reserved at least a "big surprise" that would not be the PlayStation 4.

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sinncross2345d ago

So at least one big surprise??

hmm I am hoping they have at least one new title for the PS3, with stuff like Agent or FFV13 rounding it off. Truthfully, I doubt any new PS3 games are going to be announced for 2012, so I really have no problem with Sony putting emphasis on the PSV.

But... would be great to see Agent, FFV13, The last Guardian and Tales of Xillia all shown... perhaps impossible, but we can dream, right?

Thatguy-3102345d ago

Have a deep feeling it will be agent.

inveni02345d ago

When they announced Agent, Jack said that they thought it would "do for PS3 what Grand Theft Auto did for PS2." So, yes, I hope we finally get some kind of peek.

mewhy322344d ago

I feel as if it will be a new pricing structure. A straight out price drop or something along the lines of a plus psn account with reduced console price much like microsoft is doing with the Xbox.

stuntman_mike2344d ago

is agent still in development? i really hope so.

2345d ago
F7U122345d ago

Man Sony is on fire. They give and they give... and they give.

WeskerChildReborned2344d ago

Man it got to be Agent cause we've been waiting since 3 years and we wan't to see that title.

Persistantthug2344d ago

-In 2010, it was STEAM to the PS3
-In 2011, it was CCP opening EVE ONLINE's network to the PS3

Now in 2012, BLIZZARD wants a chance to expand their network to the PS3.

badz1492344d ago

Blizzard is Activision and AV prefers MS plus Blizzard loves pc too much for them to even care moving into consoles!

Drithe2344d ago

That would be one hel of a surprise. I hope they would let us play D3 solo on the consoles!

LOL_WUT2344d ago

Maybe its GTA 5 timed exclusive..

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ziggurcat2344d ago

would love to finally see some agent footage...

DA_SHREDDER2345d ago

The only surprise i can think of is the ps4 releases along side with Nintendo. Other than that, I don't see what else they could pull out of their hat?

andibandit2345d ago

"All according to PSM3 magazine (UK), which states that the manufacturer has reserved at least a "big surprise" that would not be the -->PlayStation 4<--"

Patriots_Pride2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I agree - I am all for new games this gen that feels like it has been dragged on forever but the shock and surprise factor for new games being announce this gen has died down for me.

Sure I want MGS 5, Eight Days, The Getaway, Agent, Grand Tourismo Vita, Uncharted 4 but not this gen and want to see those games on the PS4.

PS4 announcement with new IP's would be the only thing to make me go WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: That goes for MS as well if they dont announce the 720 then its just another ok E3 for me.

Looks like Nintendo will be getting my money as it seems that MS and Sony dont want it.

MrWonderful2345d ago

Maybe a kingdom hearts hd collection that puts all the currently released games in one place

KentBlake2345d ago

That, sir, would be awesome.

wiggles2345d ago

LOL what a worthless article. I really need to get into gaming journalism because all I need to write an article is to state the obvious.

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