Eleven Certifiably Insane Video Game Characters

IGN writes: Plenty of video game characters display some psychotic tendencies now and then. But there are eleven well-known video game characters that display a special kind of crazy. Why eleven? Because we're crazy, too.

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yewles12343d ago

"Nathan has killed thousands of guards, innocent museum employees..."

Stopped reading there.

beerkeg2343d ago

I don't think it was supposed to be an in-depth look into Drakes mind, it's not actually a serious article at all.

Paradicia2343d ago

People take articles way too seriously around here.

Hicken2343d ago

Some of it seems comedic, and then some of it seems serious. It's hard to decide which the article is going for, but it's understandable that yewles responded the way he did, given the recent "need" to portray Drake in the light of a cold-blooded killer.

MrDead2343d ago

If it wasn't serious or funny what was it? This article could have been good.

user54670072343d ago

He didn't even kill the museum employees...he just knocked them out

Wow IGN...someone rushed through the game...

Downtown boogey2343d ago

Some of the animations are lethal... Like the one you where you snap your victims neck.

arbitor3652343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

it supposed to be a joke, I think.

when I shot one of the guards with a dart, he fell 25 feet and landed on his face..... then I ran him over with the cart you use to climb up.

also, the guy who I grabbed and slammed headfirst into a concrete wall will probably have a concussion.

Downtown boogey2343d ago

We'll it is true, isn't it? And he was supposed to be just an 'everyday guy' (according to the developers, at least).

Kur02343d ago

Holy shit Kazooie was a girl?

MrDead2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

No Joker? No Postal Dude? No Duke? The entire cast of Twisted Metal? No American McGee's Alice? No Alma Wade? No Walter Sullivan? No Sheogorath? No Lynch?

The only reason I can think Drake & Cortana are included is to get some attention to a poor article.

Paradicia2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Fun list to read through. Mario one gave me a laugh.

"He leaps through the air with confidence and bravado in his march for a monarch. Birds chirp, clouds twinkle with smiles and flowers sway in joy. And yet despite decades of rejection, countless deaths and millions of instances of forcing his own brother to suffer through irredeemable perils, Mario continues his unjustifiably crazy servitude to Ms. Princess Peach."

The imaginings of a plumber who hit his head off a pipe fixing a sink. :L :L

ThePsychoGamer2343d ago

Really? No mention of Goro Majima.

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