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Canadian Online Gamers - "One of the most memorable third person shooters I ever played was the first Max Payne game for the PC. It had an interesting story, cool presentation and style, and most importantly was a lot of fun to play. Leaping in the air with my dual wielding pistols while shooting bad guys in slo-motion was simply a rush and left me feeling like a Hollywood star. Well it has been 9-years since the previous Max Payne game, so Max Payne 3 arrives with some great anticipation. Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to Max. He looks considerably older and a little haggard. He is battling a lot of inner demons along with some huge guilt and a substance abuse problem. Fortunately however, Max Payne 3 is definitely not showing its age at all as this was a fantastic ride from the moment I jumped into the game."

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