EA Responds to Death of College Hoops

Kotaku writes: "Yesterday we broke the news that College Hoops 2K9 was canned after negotiations between The Collegiate Licensing Company and 2K Sports broke down. We also reported on a rumor that Electronic Arts may have had a hand in the break down.

Late last night David Tinson, director of EA Sports public relations, got back to us to sort of deny the rumor... sort of."

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Rice4291d ago

Lol, 0 comments at at 110 degree's.... Ive nver bought colledge hoops never will...

RecSpec4291d ago

All of the video games fail to capture what is so great about the sport, that is why the college football games sell so well.

Iceman100x4291d ago

No more new games with crappy sequel after sequel year after only if they can get madden taken care of.