Apple Wins the Blu-Ray Vs. HD DVD War?

Sean Captain writes:

"While the MacBook Air was certainly the sex symbol of Steve Jobs's MacWorld keynote today, the product with the biggest impact may be the new Apple TV. One of the big news items at last Week's CES was that Blu-ray appeared to have finally won the high-definition disc war. Well, it may have been a brief victory."

"BD players are still pricey items, while Apple TV starts at just $229. And Blu-ray still lacks support from two major studios. Apple TV is starting small-with about 1000 films at its launch at the end of February. But all the major studios-Fox, Warner, Disney, Paramount, Universal and Sony (plus several minors)-have already signed on (ironic, since Sony Pictures' parent company created the Blu-ray format). If it catches on, it could grow very fast. Remember, Apple transformed the digital music download business and could very well do the same for movies."

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PS360WII4796d ago

the first Apple TV didn't do so hot but maybe they learned there lesson. Here everyone is worried that MS is going to head the DD age but it's been Apple all along in the here and now unlike the 10-15 years people have been saying.

Yet you can't forget the masses...

decapitator4796d ago

And this one might not do just as well. This article fails at the very point that it is trying to make.

If it wasn't for Microsoft rushing and releasing the Xbox 360( And I dont mean this in a bad way because if they had not released the Xbox 360 earlier, some third party developers would have suffered), the prices for both the PS3 and it would be below 300 at launch. The extra year or so would have let them be able to work on reducing the hardware cost for PS360.

That said, both companies have been trying to reduce cost ever since they launched the consoles. Man if you dont call that, thinking about consumers, then I dont know what the hell. you call that.

whoelse4796d ago

You cant expect Sony not to back iTunes. Simple as.

You still have to see that you cant BUY movies on iTunes. Only rent them. So this method is in war with renting of Blu-ray really. Because the person who chooses to download a movie from iTunes would have just rented the film instead.

lockload4796d ago

@whoelse - I think you fail to see the point the convenience of download will persuede people to not bother buying it

Mr Tretton4795d ago

...until they realize they can't resale or loan what they own.

lockload4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

Depends how you look at it the downloads stay on the HDD you can repurchase the movie without downloading again. You could buy it four times for less than buying it and noone watches most movies more than once

Mr Tretton4795d ago

that did nothing to disprove my point.

if you like the idea of it because of the way you choose to use products that's fine, I'm sure it will be there to cater to a small portion of the market, it will however never be 'the way.'

The Brave 14795d ago

apple is also supporting blu ray with blu ray equipped macs.So this guy is just another apple fan ,as many of us are,however he is going a little too far.

Kaneda4795d ago

Apple TV is compete with netflix, blockbuster, and cable ppv sevices... I don't think it will affect blu-ray or HD-DVD... I am still buying some of the movies I like...

InMyOpinion4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

I'd definately want to re-watch some of the movies I own in HD, but I'm not too keen on having to re-buy movies I already own on DVD in order to do that. That pretty much kills the idea of buying Blu-Ray or HD-DVD movies for me.

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whoelse4796d ago

I think Sony need to really bring down prices of Blu-ray discs and offer the Blu-ray to PSP Movie transfer feature fast to avoid threat.

Another problem with VOD is DRM. You cant put it on too many devices. And you still have to pay $229 for this.

Saying this, VOD does bring a benefit to consumers, i just dont see it catching on as quickly as Apple or Microsoft hope...

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