Face-Off: Max Payne 3 (Digital Foundry)

DF writes:

"It's the middle of May, and right on cue a new Rockstar game is making some big noise around our local cinema spots and bus stop ad-boards. Revolutionary for its use of a trendy Bullet Time mechanic, and for having an early stab at object-based physics and face-mapping (with some memorably quirky results), Max Payne was something of a flagship third-person shooter for PC back in 2001, and it's a welcome sight to see the series return with such commercial pizazz."

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DigitalAnalog2437d ago

Looks like they've put more effort onto the PS3 version considering the fact that the RAGE engine tends to have significant difference in their previous games.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32436d ago

There are a lot of crybabies in eurogamer's comment section, lol.

THC CELL2437d ago

the game is ok on both consoles.. why are people still doing this, i hope next gen we see none of this.

chukamachine2437d ago

Not sure about putting more effort into the PS3 version.

Ps3 version looks cleaner, 360 version has more foliage and lighting elsewhere, and ps3 in some other places.

Both framerates are very close, favouring neither for the most part.

Lensoftruth like the 360 version for nothing more then they prefer that console. Just the way it is.

These games from rockstar are nothing but ports of the 360 version imo.

If i ever play this game, it'll be on the PC version anyway.

mochachino2436d ago

The missing lights are a glitch in DFs PS3, the lights are in the PS3 version.

See at 2:10