Metacritic VS Diablo III: Do the Users Have a Point?

GP Editor discusses the divide between review scores for Diablo III on Metacritic. Are the users giving low scores just being immature, or do they actually raise a valid point that Blizzard would do well to pay attention to?

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dark-hollow2431d ago

i pity the fool who read metacritic users reviews.

armycore2431d ago

Very true. This is not a game that deserves a 0 or 1 score.

MacDonagh2431d ago

Is the out-lash purely because people couldn't play it on day one? If so, that's a little sad. However, allowing players to be able to play offline would've been nice.

WeskerChildReborned2430d ago

Not really cause they're giving the game a 0 over something that can be fixed. That's like those people who gave COD MW3 a 0 just cause they don't like the COD series even though i'm not a big fan either, i don't go on review sites to hate.

_LarZen_2430d ago

Metacritic site need to go down and never go up again. It's a waist of time and has lost ALL credability becaus of raging nerds.

To bad actualy, a system for the consumers destroyed by the consumers.....

humbleopinion2430d ago

The only credibility ruined is the one of the raging nerds themselves.
And perhaps the people going to MC and actually look at user review scores. It's like going to financial sites and making your investments based on the anonymous comments at the bottom of the page....

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The story is too old to be commented.