Ghost Recon And The Rise of Third Person Shooters

SegmentNext - "The Ghost Recon series has had a long struggle to its current status as a AAA blockbuster with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The series began as the first shooter to sport the Tom Clancy name without actually being based on characters from a Clancy novel (Quickly followed in that capacity by Splinter Cell), but is starting to make a name for itself now that the latest instalment brings the franchise not just to the forefront of the current generation, but into… the FUTURE!"

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MrMister2343d ago

Metal Gear Online 2 --R.I.P. to the greatest 3ps (3rd person shooter) ever.

ZBlacktt2343d ago

3 person is SO much better then first person.

ALICE6662343d ago

Personally, I prefer third person too but would love if games had the option of both. Much like the ARMA series, MGS4 had it too i think? been awhile since I played that though..

Tdmd2343d ago

I don't think it does. If memory serves me well, it does allow for you to go 1th person while shooting, but not while moving around - exploration hapens in 3rd person only.

mananimal2343d ago

I must say the 3rd person shooters are starting to appeal to me more & more these days.

bahabeast2343d ago

third person shooters was always my favorite i just started playing fps since i bought my ps3 in 2007