Why 'Devil May Cry' And 'Burnout Paradise' Make Me Feel Lonely, In GameFile

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes that it's fun playing new games, but having to keep secrets sure makes playing them feel solitary:

"My video game January is not like anyone else's video game January anywhere on the planet. And to prove it, all I need to do is look at the map and find Chubb Lane.

Chubb Lane is a stretch of road in 'Burnout Paradise,' the open-world racing game that is coming out January 22. The game's publisher, Electronic Arts, sent me an early copy of the finished game last week. It was in a box, in shrink-wrap. I popped it into my PS3, made sure that my console was hooked up to the Internet so that all my records would be saved onto the worldwide leader boards, and I started driving."

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