Tekken Tag Tournament 2 release date announced

Tekken Take Tournament 2 releases in Europe on 14th September, Namco Bandai has announced.

Pre-order at select shops and you'll get one or more of four additional DLC characters free: Michelle Chang, Angel, Kunimitsu or Ancient Ogre immediately at launch.

In the UK, pre-orders at ShopTo get Michelle Chang and Angel DLC. Pre-orders at Zavvi get Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre.

Meanwhile, Namco unveiled the "We are Tekken" edition of the game, exclusive to GAME. This comes in a metal case and includes: the original soundtrack of the game and an additional music CD with remixes, an art book with more than 200 pages, a behind the scene video with designer Harada and others giving you their best Tokyo tips.

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LiamIRL822368d ago

So it will be going head to head with Dead Or Alive 5. choosing between the two I would choose DOA5

ringojelly2368d ago

Tekken Tag isnt a lemon like SF x Tekken though. I'll be down for this, I loved the first

tarbis2368d ago

Tekken Tag 2 and DOA 5 in the same month. My hands will be very busy in that month and beyond. =D

Afterlife2368d ago

I wonder if DOA 5 sales will suffer because it releases 1+ week after.

Gran Touring2368d ago

This is looking like the busiest year for 3D fighters. We got VF5:FS coming in two weeks, then Tekken Tag and DOA5 in septemeber...

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