Killzone 3′s Intro Cinematic Reveals Visari’s Deception (Spoilers)

"The beginning cinematic to Killzone 3 was epic as many of their intro scenes are. This one, though, revealed some truths about the events that happened at the end of Killzone 2 and how the overarching story is much larger than what it seems." - LazyTechGuys

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DrRichtofen3535d ago

0_0 Whoa...

I never really noticed any of that in the cinematic's before, good eye! Those are some great theories too.

gijsbrecht3535d ago

I was thinking just the same. Personally I hope it is true.

ReservoirDog3163535d ago

Yeah I remember someone noticing he had green eyes in the opening speech in Killzone 2 but had brown at the end of game. And then this at the beginning of 3 and that last piece at the end of 3.

All points to the story for Killzone being waayy better than what's presented. Too bad they don't hint at this since the story's kinda weak in Killzone (though I really really enjoyed the story more in 3 and it was just a much more fun game than I ever expected it to be).

GamerSciz3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

They do look like different people. Teeth, face (moles and freckles and such) and the eyes do look like a diff color.

ginsunuva3535d ago

In the KZ3 intro, at the very end when it blacks out, some general tells Visari quietly "Sir, the ISA are here, we better move out." (Or something similar)

I knew they were probably stashing Visari somewhere. There's no way he would have just been sitting in his palace office for all of KZ2 while there was an insanely loud gun battle between Radec and Sev outside his door lol. I knew it was definitely a double; his attitude felt fake too.

SonyStyled3534d ago

that might have been me that mentioned it. ive noted a few times on this site that he had green eyes in the intro of killzone 2, but brown eyes when rico killed him at the end of killzone 2

MrBeatdown3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Wow, that is a damn good theory. I had never given much thought to that intro scene and figured it was Stahl at the end.

Sounds true, and I hope it is. Visari was a far better villian than what's-his-name and Billy Bob.

Sizzon3535d ago

Scolar Visari, such a badass and cool villian.

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The story is too old to be commented.