Burnout Paradise map chopped into DLC pieces

EAUK Staff EAUK_Phenom writes:

"That map was a 'prototype' and it's from 2 years ago .

In the latest podcast (Episode 14), they talk about it (and the airport) and hint that they may consider this for downloadable content (DLC). They're very secretive about what DLC will be released, although they do say that it's going to be something "special", and that only releasing new cars would be boring - so I expect it to be new game modes or a new area . I hope so, anyway. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

It would be awesome if it was the airport, though."

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OpiZA3955d ago

And all the country's that Live doesn't support will get the shank.

GodsHand3955d ago

Slowly becoming a pay to play world.

rodellison3955d ago

Is this article to say, that you only get part of a map for purchasing the game?, and if so how much..10 square miles, 20 square miles??
DLC is nice an all, but I kinda like the days when you used to get more of a 'complete' game out of the box, not just the engine that essentially requires a repeating trip to the ATM to use it.

Meno3955d ago

No worries. The full map for the game itself is massive. I seem to remember reading it would take in the neighborhood of 30 minutes to drive straight across it from one side to another, maybe more, but I could be mistaken. Any DLC that comes out will likely be substantial sections of map, because even though EA will nickel and dime the customer, Criterion delivers in quality and quantity.

KidMakeshift3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Yay, microtransactions out the arse

And it's probably locked content that's already on the disc like Beautiful Katamari and Virtual Fighter 5

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The story is too old to be commented.