Does Diablo III's big online-only bet pay off?

CNET writes: We've been playing the biggest PC game of the year to see if it can overcome a problem-plagued launch and onerous DRM.

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Christopher2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

No. My latency hasn't dropped below 200msec and it's not on my end (using VPN is actually worse). Lag is a huge issue.

The problem is that when you start storing data online and requiring an Internet connection to access it, it's not an even playing field for everyone since people are different distances from the source data.

I deserve to have the same ability to play this game as everyone else who paid money for it, regardless of where I live. All of this gets bogged down in technical circle jerks of blaming ISPs, network configs, PC configs, and so much more when this game plays worse, on average, than any MMO I've played in the last 5 years when it comes to latency. And they can keep throwing these 'how to' technical support crap at you and continue to blame you when we shouldn't have to jump through hoops to play a game in a single-player mode.

Australians, I feel your pain.