Startups Try to Help Microsoft’s Kinect Grow Up Beyond Gaming

Jintronix is among 11 startups housed at Microsoft as part of the software giant’s 13-week accelerator program, which is designed to help developers build apps around Kinect for Windows, a version of the Xbox device that has been tweaked for the personal computer to broaden the technology’s reach in the home and office.

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Hicken2338d ago

Hasn't this been going on since Kinect's release?

Granted, the other projects had little to nothing to do with Microsoft, but I remember early last year or late 2010 hearing about people using it in hospitals, and seeing a guy filming 3D movable images after hooking it up to his computer.

To me- and it's not the first time I've said this- it seems like Microsoft saw what others were doing with the Kinect outside of gaming, and decided there was enough potential profit to officially get involved.