So Square Enix, you're doing PS2 classics after all? How's about these five?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "So, Square Enix, it looks like you’re doing the whole PS2 classics thing after all. Deus Ex was a nice touch, and easily the best PS2 game available on the PSN so far.

Fingers crossed they don’t stop there."

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Relientk772344d ago

I would love to see Dragon Quest VIII, such a great game.

Infernostew2344d ago

How about Dragon Quest VII on Psone Classics while they're at it?

DragonKnight2344d ago

NO DRAKENGARD!!!! Awful AWFUL series. Just terrible. And of the entirety of SE's catalog of available PS2 games, why in the 5th circle of hell should they bring FFX-2 to PSN? No. Ok? No. Dragon Quest VIII? Yes. Legacy of Kain? Sure. The other 3? What the hell are you smoking?

Lord_Sloth2344d ago

Drakengard rocked! I'd expect a man with dragon in his name to be drawn to a darker storyline. Since you're not I must ask what the hell YOU'RE smoking?!

DragonKnight2344d ago

Drakengard sucked. We were promised FF meets Final Fantasy, and that's NOT what we got. The combat was slow and tedious, the enemies were boring, the music was awful, the world was bland, the only interesting character in the first one was the dragon. The game was just awful. I'm as much a fan of dark storylines as the next guy, but a darker story alone can't make up for the rest of the awful parts of the series.

MattS2344d ago

I loved Drakengard too. R.I.P Cavia :(

blackblades2344d ago

It's was good I remember multiple endings I think, I was hoping Lair was going to let you get off the dragon and fight like Drakengard but was dispointed.


The more Legacy of Kain series the better, but I feel like having a new title now... It's been what? 8 years since the last one, Defiance.

It was a great game, definetely time for more bad blood between Kain and Raziel (or not), just hope that if some old tittles show up (don't matter if HD remakes or not, but it would be cool) they are means of promotion for a new LoK.

Lord_Sloth2344d ago

You were promised FF meets Final Fantasy...Did you even read that as you typed it? Besides, I have more bubbles and I say Drakengard rocked. I win.

Sarynthra2344d ago

I just want a Level 5 HD collection.

Dark Cloud 2
Dragon Quest VIII
Rogue Galaxy

Maybe they could make that happen after Ninokuni?

shammgod2344d ago

That would make millions of people very happy!


I'm not disagreeing with you at all, but it's funny how we assume that old titles will make millions happy. Not that it won't, but just imagine by the end of next gen, rumours of a COD collection... I can already see the "it will make bazillions happy" claims. LOL

WeskerChildReborned2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

This might be kinda unrelated but i think Bully on PS3 would be sweet.

roadkillers2344d ago

Definitely unrelated but Bully 2 for PS3 :)

WitWolfy2344d ago

Owned used to own a copy of it on 360, an awesome game indeed!

ScubaSteve12344d ago

i wish level 5 would do this for dark cloud

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