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MediaStinger: "Taking over one of gaming’s most well known franchises and moving away from the open world genre that they made the standard in the industry many years ago, Rockstar has proven once again that they’re one of the best in the world at what they do. With no open world, no story-driven player decisions, and no revolutionary L.A. Noire facial animations, Rockstar has released the third installment in the Max Payne franchise, which instead focuses on fixing everything the iconic developers have gotten wrong in the past. The end product results in one of the darkest and best stories ever told in a video game with Rockstar even teaching other top industry devs like Naughty Dog some new tricks."

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ImSoHeavy2343d ago

i got goosebumps when the song played at the end!

Wagz222343d ago

The music all the way through was amazing, there were times I wouldn't run, I would just walk slowly with the music and it fit so well.

the worst2343d ago

what a joke
5/5 what a joke