Can Dishonored Grab Bioshock Infinite's Post-Delay Sales?

Velocity Gamer: Bioshock Infinite fans may be bummed for now, but Dishonored could be the perfect tonic for fans of non-traditional FPS.

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mananimal2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

wth??? No, been there done that before, im not impressed at all with this game, but being that EA is the publisher, no surprise there, I see nothing "REAL" original with this IP, just borrows parts. pieces. & gameplay from shooters of past glory. To even conceive this game could possibly even be in the same room with a shooter like the Bioshock series is laughable. This article is nothing but a back handed way of steering gamers towards this game as an alternative cuz Infinite has been "predictably" delayed until next year. Please lol, give me a break, thats like ordering steak but settling on a appetizer while drinking flat soda.

AtomicGerbil2343d ago

Where did you get EA from?

mananimal2343d ago

lol, oops, your right & thank you for the correction, this is a bethesda published game, lol, not sure why my brain was thinkn it was EA.

Excalibur2343d ago

I disagree completely, I think the game looks very promising.