Top 5 Diablo 3-Like PC Games You Should Consider Playing

Mobilenapps Writes: "Diablo 3 is turning out to be one of the best PC game releases of 2012. For some, the game will take the crown of PC Game of The Year or even top the overall Game of The Year list. However, after you have finished playing the game's single player campaign and having a blast playing online with others, you might want to take a look at other games, which are similar to Diablo in style and gameplay. For now, these games are the best Diablo-like games you will ever come across, so check them out."

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thrasherv32344d ago

I'm not sure the author knows what a "Diablo-like" game is.

"Oh, hey, another game with an isometric view? Just like Diablo!"

pumpactionpimp2343d ago

The Witcher= nothing like diablo

frelyler2343d ago

Well there was an option in the original witcher to have an isometric view and the mouse was sufficient to control evrything. Sure the dungeon crawling aspect is different but its actually very similar. I was going to reinstall the original and trying streaming to my tablet bc of the very fact it can all be controlled with just mouse clicks like diablo 3 can.

Blacktric2343d ago

Sacred is a fantastic game and must be played by and RPG/Hack and Slash fan.

Gothdom2343d ago

Speaking of which, I wonder if Sacred 3 is still in development. Last I heard was in 2010 and deep silver was going to do it.

Letros2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Sacred, yes. Sacred 2, no.

Probably the best of the Diablo alternatives is still Titans Quest. Hopefully TQ devs upcoming game Grim Dawn is a great game.

Halochampian2343d ago

How do you not include torchlight on the list?

Replace the Witcher with it.