Brand New 320GB Hard Drive Only $78.99 at - a $71 Savings

If your looking to upgrade your Xbox 360 storage and is in the market for a 320GB hard drive, check out's latest offer. Get a brand new 320GB hard drive for only $78.99

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Titanz2341d ago

Consumer value, at its finest.

Vortex3D2341d ago

That's not Microsoft brand. Just a 3rd party that cloned Microsoft brand firmware.

While Microsoft currently doesn't check for cloned hard drive, there's no way to know if they will ever.

Also, it doesn't say if it contains the Xbox BC partition that allows you to play many old Xbox games.

$78 is not really that cheap since you are buying a generic hard drive with generic case that you can do yourself for less.

killerhog2341d ago

If its not licensed by Ms is a guarantee they'll block it. Ms already blocked a bunch of third party, non-licensed memory cards, flash drives and external drives. So buy with caution. Besides this will steal a lot of ms profit 320gb for 79.99 and w/e the regular price is? Man wouldn't surprise me if ms blocks it tomorrow lol.

Wagz222340d ago

I wouldn't trust it, its very tempting, but if you look at the ps3 controllers they are selling, they are off brand ones made to look exactly like the sony brand ones.