Microsoft Giving Refunds To Any SDTV Owners Who Own Minecraft

Did you buy Minecraft on the Xbox 360? Do you still own an SDTV? Well thanks to Minecraft's inability to play split screen mode on SDTVs, you just might be able to get a full refund for your purchase.

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Fragger2k82343d ago

Wow, that was really unexpected, and it's great that they are doing this. It is complete bs that split-screen support for SDTVs was blocked. But, couldn't 4J Studios just easily have changed it, instead of this having to happen?

I managed to get my copy from Raptr through their rewards program, so it's not really like I got screwed over with this ridiculous crap, but many people did. I'm not going to take up the offer for a refund, but I can't say that I'm not tempted to.. 1600 MS points in my account does not sound too bad, haha.

GribbleGrunger2343d ago

a simple disclaimer on the cover would have done the trick: 'this product requires HDTV for splitscreen'