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The Indy Source remembers the days of playing Diablo II and thought of how awesome that game was. Unfortunately for The Indy Source it was a demo of Diablo II and ended at a certain point, but it was still one of The Indy Source's most remembered gaming experiences. Fast forward to May 15, 2012, the release of Diablo III, how could The Indy Source not get this game and play it until we couldn't stand it anymore. We are excited to bring you our review of Diablo III and let you know if you should pick this game up yourself or leave it on the store shelves/not click the buy button.

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jamesensor2343d ago

...and don't forget to buy! Buy now! You'll regret not buying! Buy copies for all family too!

There... I helped this guy to sell the game better.

These reviewers sometimes mistake reviews with advertising...