The new X-Play debuts with a thud

From the article: "I'll admit it, I'm a huge fan of X-play. I've been watching this show since it was on TechTV, way back when they taped the show in San Francisco. Way back when Morgan Webb was still nerdy and Adam Sessler was still extra nerdy.

Over time, X-Play has changed things up a bit. A new set piece, a new intro, a new announcer, etc. This past Monday, they decided to change it all.

Let's just say that I wasn't pleased with the outcome."

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JSA-Gamer3933d ago

I was watching this thinking to myself.... What the hell did they do? Give me back the old show!

BrianC62343933d ago

He wants their reviews? Why? I hate their 1-5 score system. A 1-5 score tells me nothing. Sometimes I think they're going to give a game a 2 based on everything they said during the review and instead they give it a three. A three should be average. An average game shouldn't have a lot of issues during the review. Since they're redoing the show are they also switching to a 1-10 review system?

ktchong3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I like the 1-to-21.88 scale for review.

Marceles3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I liked how it was Morgan Webb first started. I even liked it when it was only Adam Sessler and on Tech TV, but now the show is just...

*shakes my head*

I also wish they brought back Filter

power of Green 3933d ago

Matter of opinion I guess. I thought it was light years ahead of the dated old show. Seems like its going to be a more indepth gaming show giving the gamers a deeper look into one of our favorite hobbies.

GamerSigma3933d ago

I see how you could think that. I wonder if the problem in some people's minds is that the transition was so abrupt and overt that it caught them off guard.

power of Green 3933d ago

Looks like a step forward for a more mainstream style. Looked like an evolution to me, like a Pilot show vs a successful one.

JSA-Gamer3933d ago

I'm not big on doling out compliments in these comments... but you nailed it. Mind changed. I have decide that I like it now.

Enjoy the moment. I don't change my mind often.

lawgone3932d ago

Morons! How are you disagreeing with this man changing his mind???

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The story is too old to be commented.