M2G - Parental Guidance - Because Parents Really Do Need Guidance

"It's 9.50 on a fairly gloomy September morning, and I'm standing in a field at the car-boot sale in my local park, trying not to think too hard about the rising wind and threatening rain, ignoring the jostle of mums and buggies, dads with toddlers on their shoulders, the occasional foul-mouthed hoodie, while I flick through a selection of pre-owned games on a stall operated by a young blonde lass who I know doesn’t have a clue about gaming."

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scotchmouth2368d ago

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this article. It was rather well written and I agree with the desensitizing effect that it has.

I also enjoyed the article because of the dialogue... which is far more entertaining then an American would have put it.

AtomicGerbil2368d ago

Great read and I have to agree with it.

I would say the likes of Fox News and the Daily Mail could also use some guidance. After many reports berating video game developers and publishers, isn't it about time they pointed out to their viewers/readers that games have age ratings for a very good reason and should not be ignored?

Let's have sensible journalism instead of sensationalist.