Bungie Writing Director Gives Some Insight Into The Stalled Halo Movie

From Newsweek's Level Up:

"Having finally decided to publish our two-part August 2007 Q&A with Bungie writing director Joseph Staten, there's a bit of scoop that's so good, we couldn't wait until tomorrow's installment to share it with you, so we're excerpting it today. In the middle of an exchange with Staten about the fine line that Bungie must walk between making Master Chief a proper character and leaving plenty of space for the player to feel as though he or she is the Spartan warrior, we threw in a question about how the planned-but-aborted Halo movie would tackle the problem of a lead character whose face was hidden by his helmet. To our surprise, Staten not only answered the question, but offered up the fascinating revelation that Master Chief would have in fact been something of a supporting character in Halo film. For the first time, the normally tight-lipped folks at Bungie give some insight into how the Halo movie might have played out, which we present to you exclusively here at Level Up."

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Damphear3930d ago

every halo nerd in the world well pay for this movie and dress up like a person from halo

any one willingly going to see this movie is a loser and needs to stop there own life.

toughNAME3930d ago

just like TANOD, you sound like a idiot

and also like TANOD, I'm taking your bubbles

rookeagle3930d ago

I want to see what will happen xDDD
gonna be awesome =)

UKnowY3929d ago

The hardest problem to overcome in making the halo movie wasnt a good story. The Halo Universe is fantastic & has great characters comparable in richness to Star Wars or Star Trek.
The Real Problem was making it R rated. To stay true to the games you really couldnt make it a anything less than R. problem is most R rated movies dont make the kind of money that would be required to turn a profit on a movie that would cost as much as Halo would.
If they made it PG-13 it would compromise the integrity of the movie & piss off most of the Halo games fanbase for being sanitized.
Uni & Fox probably balked at the fact it was guna b a R rated Film & looked at the historical references & werent too optimistic.
200million dollar R rated Film would have to gross a crap load more than the highest ever grossing game adapatation(Tomb Raider) just to break even. 140mil(off the top of my head) so History was against it.
I'd like to see MS just cut a check & pay BVPD 15% of gross to distribute the film worldwide. lets face it MS can afford to do it & why not they'd eventually make their money back while keeping the integrity of the Halo Universe intact.