Games to Keep You Occupied During Your Summer Vacation

Summer is on the horizon, and that generally means a lot of free time for everyone in existance in America. Even if you work, most of you will take time off during the summer, rather it be traveling or collecting dust on your couch. Gaming-wise, this summer is shaping up to be pretty epic. There should be more than enough to consume one's free time over the next 3 months, no matter what system you own.

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MrMister2339d ago

I got a game: Go outside, meet chicks. Make friends with both genders. Enjoy the fun that comes with summer. I'm not trolling: I'm a BIG fan of gaming. But in the summer there's so much fun crazy stuff happening that I feel like an idiot sitting around playing games. Plus awesome summer movies come out. Oh, and the beach! Carnivals! Man, my PS3 is gonna be off until September. Then i'll catch up on all those games I missed in the summer ^_^

NYC_Gamer2339d ago

The summer is when i get drunk and go to cook outs