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WeskerChildReborned2342d ago

It still bothers me that they would try to even reboot this series when it really doesn't need one.

Dexter902342d ago

to be honest, I agree... I really enjoyed DMC 4 :X

WeskerChildReborned2342d ago

Idk, i'm not dissing the game but i just feel like they don't need to reboot it maybe another sequel or something.

NYC_Gamer2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago ) the PC rumors from way back turns out to be true...

Hatiko2342d ago

January 15, 2013 for the folks who don't want to have to wait for a foreign site to load.

Summons752342d ago

how about we don't release it at all =D

Baka-akaB2342d ago

A pity , was looking forward for excuses about the game tanking in the fall , because of juggernauts rivals

Deadpool6162342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

It's definitely a smart move, because there's no way DmC is going to be able to compete with the other games coming out in the 4th Quarter of 2012.

Then again...around the time in January everyone is going to be spent after the holidays. :\

Baka-akaB2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Oh but i'm partially joking , i'm also looking forward to them having as little excuse as possible , in case of failure .

Console bias , lack of PR and marketing wont work this time .

Rival big games too might not too , provided they dont just run into stuff like Bioshock and everything delayed into janv/feb

Deadpool6162342d ago

I'm looking forward to the excuses more than the game. XD

SonnyD2342d ago

I'm looking forward to 'if' it sinks I will personally buy a used copy (cheap of course) and burn/shoot it on Youtube.

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