Klonoa coming soon to European PSN

"The PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) website has revealed another upcoming PS1 title that may be coming to the PSN within the next few months. Klonoa has been rated "3+" for the PlayStation Network. As fans of the quirky platformer (and its PS2 brother, Klonoa 2) we can't wait to see it hit the PSN Store. With the recent leaks of Vib Ribbon alongside this, it seems that SCEE are stepping up on keeping the quality level of upcoming PS1 games consistant. Let's have fewer games like Hardcore 4x4 and more memorable, top shelf PS1 games.

Of course, there's no word on when this might be hitting the European store, so keep your eyes out. We're expecting to see it sometime in the next eleven and a half months. If we're lucky."

So the old PS1 platformer might come to European store this year.

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Lucreto5429d ago

Ah memories. I will get this game as soon as its available.

fusionboxer5429d ago

But at this point i'm really pulling for Tomba or Brave Fencer Musashi for my platforming needs.