ModNation Racers: Full Game and DLC Sale on Now!

That’s right. Check this out…

* PS3 Career Theme Extension Packs (Arctic, Big City, Far East) DLC regularly $9.99 each, now only $4.99 each
* PS3 Mini-Theme Sets (Alien, Medieval, Pirate, Western) DLC regularly $6.99 each, now only $3.49 each
* PS3 Props Packs (Carnival, Construction, Moon Colony, Prehistoric, Stunt, Water World) DLC regularly – $4.99 each, now only $1.99 each
* PS3 Parts Packs (Gladiator, Haunted, Junkyard) DLC regularly $4.99 each, now only $1.99 each
* ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme regularly $2.99, now free!
* ModNation Racers for PS3 (Full Game) PSN Plus Store – regularly $29.99, now only $14.99.

This offer runs from May 22nd 2012 – May 29th 2012

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n4gisatroll2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I think my only gripe with this game was the DLC was kind of expensive. But now with this sale, I'm going to end up buying most of it!

@ Yi-Long

The game is great, even the though the DLC was a little much. I suggest you to grab the game, it should be really cheap now, and with the DLC there's tons to do. There are some really great creators out there making tracks that you would of never thought possible in the game.

Yi-Long2345d ago

... but maybe now I'll pick it up.

A bit disappointed that there's not a 'complete' bundle to download so you get the game plus ALL DLC for 25 bucks or something.

Anyway, it kinda depends on how much the prices will be in euros. SCEE will probably screw us Euro gamers over again with the conversion.

I would have preferred a retail 'GOTY' release though.

n4gisatroll2345d ago

It should get that treatment. Just like lbp goty.