Gaming and the so-called 'mainstream'


"Not so long ago, I attended a house party expecting plenty of drunkenness and maybe even a hint of debauchery. As I entered, I noticed a large group of people excitedly huddled in the living room. Walking over expecting to see people devising new shot ideas or drinking games, I was surprised to see them quietly worshipping a Nintendo Wii.

A few of them were studiously creating Miis to look identical to all the party-goers before trying out Wii Sports. A few hours later, they switched to Rayman Raving Rabbids. That was it, they were captivated until 3am, and even then some of the stragglers still there looked desperate to keep playing but didn't quite have the energy anymore.

The party didn't really consist of much else. All these non-gamers that were never interested in games before were hooked like drug addicts. They'd suddenly seen the light and that was it. By morning they all wanted one, they all needed that hook."

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Maddens Raiders3956d ago

what is wrong with today's "mainstream gaming". Yuck

jessupj3955d ago

This article explains everything wrong about the games industry. Maybe if these casuals actually tried a hardcore game they would enjoy it too. But it seems to be the case they just look at it and get put off for some reason, maybe because it looks hard or too much violence.

I even tried to get my fiance to play God of War, she wouldn't have a bar of it. She had been watching me play it for an hour while also reading but wouldn't even give it a go. I'm sure if she played it for a while she might get into it, but the point I'm making is that she didn't even try it. How many other casuals do you think are out there that get turned off as well?

permutated3955d ago

Further proof that the Wii is not only a waste of time, but a mainstream gimmick that will die as quickly as Britney Spears' career once people see how shallow it really is.

kingnick3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Just because you can't appreciate a console doesn't mean others can't.

For all the PS3’s and Xbox360's tech they haven't significantly changed the game.

AI and many other aspects of games simply haven't evolved anywhere as far as I was expecting them to. Unfortunately bigger and better is the order of the day not streamlined and smarter.

Hopefully developers will start churning out some more soulful games instead of these purely graphical updates.

While I couldn't see myself playing the Wii for extended amounts of time when I first tried one I found it indefinitely more fun than any game I'd played for a long time.

Once Wii Sports and Wii Play wore thin I found myself disappointed that there weren't more games for the system that used its potential, luckily the Wii was my mates so I wasn't too disappointed.

While the Wii will never have the attach rates of the PS3 or Xbox360 I believe it will continue to sell because it makes games accessible to a larger audience.

You can try labelling these people what you want but it is only further proof of your insecurities.