NGB: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Is The Kinect Title “Seasoned Gamers” Have “Been Waiting For”

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is the Kinect title “seasoned gamers” have “been waiting for”, according to producer Kenji Kataoka.

Developed by From Software (the team behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls), NGB got hands-on with Heavy Armor last week at Capcom’s UK office and had the opportunity to speak to Kataoka regarding the Kinect focused title.

“All sorts of gamers are important, but fundamentally if you’re a Xbox 360 owner, you’re bound to be a seasoned gamer,” stated Kataoka. “For those people, I think Steel Battalion is something they’ve been waiting for, especially with Kinect. We do hope that the Kinect market flourishes after this.”

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Hicken2529d ago

"fundamentally if you’re a Xbox 360 owner, you’re bound to be a seasoned gamer."

That used to be true, but as of the launch of Kinect, it's far less... accurate than it once was.

ginsunuva2529d ago

No, not since kinect. Since Mw2

TheColbertinator2529d ago

Screw that.Give the 300$ controller instead.

ChunkyLover532529d ago

Well these articles are pointless, bottom line is most people will bash anything Kinect. It could be the greatest game ever and people would still come up with an excuse as to why its bad.

I think the game looks fantastic, but I don't need people telling me I'm core or casual. I play all video games for fun and that is how I've always been.

cstyle2529d ago

Don't worry, its just jealousy. Devs are supporting Kinect more than move and they just can't stand it.

TheFirstClassic2529d ago

Well I wouldn't mind seeing a hardcore kinect title, but its kind of hard to do. Ima be a little skeptical about this game, but I'm open.

@cstyle I'm a playstation fan and I really don't want either move or kinect at the moment. Both have promise, though move has more potential for hardcore games, but I haven't seen many games I really care about for either.