Halo 3: The Online Phenomenon Continues...

Bungie's unparalleled successes with their Halo franchise continues to impress as over 2,500 teams vie for a chance to be recognized as the world's best Halo 3 players.Being one of the top players can sky rocket gamers into stardom with ever expanding media coverage, sponsorships, pro contracts and tournament prize money in the millions.

Following record sales, Halo 3 appears set to retain its role as the world's best and most comprehensive competitive online shooter against other juggernauts such as Call of Duty 4, Resistance: Fall of Man and Unreal Tournament 3. It is the most played online console shooter today, with close to 2 million unique matches played daily. See link for more information regarding Major League Gaming and the ongoing Gamebattles 2008 Halo 3 Pro Circuit Ladder.

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BenzMoney3982d ago

Halo 3 is beyond a doubt the best console shooter for online gaming, especially competitive gaming! I'm in this ladder - TEAM VAGISIL FTW!!! 2-0 as of last night!

i Shank u3981d ago

i hope you guys rape teams with serious names

JsonHenry3981d ago

I still don't understand how this game ever got so popular. Not knocking it, I just don't get it.

wallace10003981d ago

and the fact that Halo 3 is such a good game. Good story, great online play, good ranking system, profile with expanded stats. Overall sweet.

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I wonder if there are any other MLG fans that have teams here on N4G?

VirusE3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I wish i was in that tourney:(. I sold my 360 and halo3 to buy new studio monitors. I miss my BR:(

I wonder how long it will be before the floods of haters too blind to see that the game is played more than any other console online jump in and trash this thread. Yeah we know halo sucks and that is why so many people play it every day.

Xbox is the BEST3981d ago

a game that sucks does not sell or get played this much

Iron Man 23981d ago

it does suck,BIGTIME,poor b*stards are still brainwashed I'm afraid

gamesR4fun3981d ago

This should b pretty cool hope they put out a few live feeds so we can watch the action!
If your a member here you should throw up your teams name on the 360 forums so we know who to cheer for. :)

Seraphim3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I don't see why so many people like Halo Online, and think it's great... Maybe it's just a matter of my personal opinion, but I've finally got online & I don't see anything special or that good about it. & quite frankly the match making aspect SUCKS... Give me CoD4, Resistance, or Unreal 3 over Halo any day... but again, maybe that's just a matter of opinion. All those who play Halo online are so used to, and addicted from Halo 2 that they don't want to venture beyond the franchise. I don't know...

BenzMoney3981d ago

Simply not true. I've played all three of COD4, Resistance and UT3. None of those were able to draw me in and keep me hooked like Halo has. Halo simply has better gameplay mechanics, better lobbies, better matchmaking, better options and features, etc, than all those games - combined.

Don't get me wrong. COD4 was fun. It's a great game. But I played multiplayer for a couple weeks, got up to a level 41 or whatever, then went back to Halo 3. COD4 hasn't touched my disc tray since.

toughNAME3981d ago

your opinions fine but Halo 3 has the best matchmaking system RIGHT NOW

and in second place is Halo 2..**hint hint other game developers**

VirusE3981d ago

Funny how every game you mentioned is ironically on the ps3. Hmmmm
What is your live gamer tag? I want to verify that you just got online with halo 3 "a few days ago". Ohh yeah you have been playing games that dont have the web support that offers so maybe you didnt realize that we could check in on you like that.

Resistance rocks and i love the game but it's online features have nothing on halo3.

Seraphim3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Oo. I didn't realize CoD 4 wasn't on the 360... Oh wait, matter of fact that's what I played CoD4 on; a 360. Fact of the matter is that I stated my personal opinion... I honestly didn't like Halo 3 online. And perhaps it's because it's to bloody slow and I've been getting used to playing Unreal 3 online the past 3 weeks. And I really didn't care for the matchmaking... but I don't think it's that all that. And I know many others will disagree w/ my opinion which I was clear to state that it's my opinion. I'm certainly going to try to play it some more but as of right now I don't like it, don't think it's that great...

gamesR4fun3981d ago

for me what makes it so cool is just the massive amount of gamers on it...
Sure its hyped up but still anyone whos anyone who has an xbox has this game...
Except me of course ;) tho I will buy it and few more if they fix live service or at least give silver members full online gaming rights (without having to pay) Until then Ill be fragging live halo3 peeps via my buddies kids account ;)

LJWooly3981d ago

Maybe Resistance doesn't have the wealth of features that Halo online does, but you cannot argue that 40 players online is the bollocks, mate.

Also, 60 players in Resistance 2!!! Woooooooo!!!


So all 60 people that buy RESISTANCE 2 can now all be in the same game.AWESOME!! :S

VirusE3981d ago

Seraphim, fair enough. You proved me wrong and i offer my apology. I think you could agree that many people spout off about playing games they have never played. I respect your opinion now that I konw it is based on true hands on play rather than hate.

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