Infinity Ward Amazed by Rampant PC Piracy

Shacknews, by Chris Faylor, Jan 15, 2008:

In his blog, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward's community relations manager fourzerotwo was shocked to discover an unexpectedly high number of PC players who were running pirated copies of the game and playing online.

Fourzerotwo posted his discovery under the heading "They Wonder Why People Don't Make PC Games Any More" in his blog. Exact figures regarding the piracy of Cod4 were not disclosed, though fourzerotwo promises to provide them if able.

id Software and Epic Games also noted that they were pursuing multiplatform development due to rampant piracy of their PC titles.

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Winter47th3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Yup, more nails on the PC coffin are added by the day.

PC gaming's not dying, maybe, but it sure as hell ain't thriving 'Check Crysis sales, the MOST important game of the year for the PC', and it gets worse on a yearly bases, can't imagine what PC gaming would've been if it weren't for Blizzard.

Charlie26883928d ago

I find that PC gaming is not really dying but moving on to a different type focus which I find primarily to be Multiplayer focused games or basically games that force you to have a legit copy to play

that is why MMOs are coming out of the walls this days and many other games have some sort of online connectivity all aimed at forcing the player to have a legit copy

I have also found that "piracy" has become a standard for quick access to games cuz I have several friends of mine that have the money and have even bought some pretty expensive PCs and yet download games thru torrents cuz for then its "faster and easier" to get games and I also noticed services like STEAM are helping since they give the facilities of the torrents and they are still legit

I think for PC we wont start seeing so many single player focus games as they were before cuz this ones seem to be moving to the consoles but instead we will see an invasion of MMOs and forced online games

Winter47th3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Well put, but if this's a transition period, as stated, then it's not appealing according to many, people expected Crysis sales to be huge, but it came out underwhelming even though it gained critical acclaim, the result ? consolization, STALKER, UTIII, World in Conflict, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Far Cry2, Deus EX3, Orange Box, you name it.

VirusE3928d ago

9 million wow players disagree with you.

WilliamRLBaker3928d ago

is the proof virus....i mean the biggest and most played game is an MMORPG and most of the players are casuals and asians. lol

gamesR4fun3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

so what most of the cash is coming from games like WOW. Fact is unless you offer a pay for service you control you have to accept some piracy. Even so games stil make money if there good look at Oblivion no copyright protection and one of the best selling games of all times. Most of us will still rather buy the games with all the bells and whistles than just use a pirated copy unless the game is mediocre generic crud...

That and gamers are getting tired of the same old same old fps if UT3 would've hit 3 or 4 years ago it be twice as big as ut2004 but now the markets so saturated with fps...

Statix3927d ago

How is WOW dominating the PC industry a good thing? All it means is basically one company, Blizzard, totally monopolizing the PC market and cannibalizing other developers. What this basically results in is the warding off other developers from making games for the platform, and thus less and less variety of high-quality games.

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PS360WII3928d ago

Yeah I guess we have to thank PC gamers for loving torrents a bit to much otherwise Epic, id, and so many more wouldn't have made the change to make console games as well.

Winter47th3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Right on the wound brotha, what's ironic is that those who are the reason for many companies to consolize their IPs due to intense piracy are the same people who are defending PC Gaming, they're living in a shell of denial, constantly stating PC Superiority though nobody gives a $h!t about how superior it is, while the fact remains, companies want profit, PC Gaming's profits are declining, therefor, it's consoles all the way.

Silvia0073928d ago

as if consoles are soooo impossible to mod. There will always be bad people. Only thing we can do is do the right thing. If it's not enough, well, be prepared to do what we did as kids for entertainment. Play cops and robers outside with your friends.

Winter47th3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

It's not a matter of impossibility, but how much of a counter-measures are being taken to make it a b!tch of a decision to go the mod way, mainly, it's online privileges, patches, free demoes/trailers, and frequent FW updates that results in Banning or what have you.

On the PC the only sacrifice is online play, other than that, it's as easy as a few clicks to download your desired game and you got nothing to worry about but to wonder why your Bittorrent speed's not 600Kbps, that's why piracy's a big problem for companies, there's simply nothing stoping those downloaders from D/ling their 3-years-of-sleepless-nights-of -hard-work but their morality.

Silvia0073928d ago

Piracy is a much easier deal on the PC. Unfortunately consoles will be easier and easier to mod. Look at the latest PS2 mod. Uses a memory card...

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season0073928d ago

Only few K&B intensive game would be left for PC such as strategic, possibly FPS that needs really fast and broad control of things.....

and for most other it will be console titles, casual goes Wii, FPS goes xbox360, while PS3 have it all...

and for MMORPG, it would really depend on how the controls are for the game...

OFF TOPIC: anyone played UO? i really like the game because you can build your own house and invite friends over...decorate it while you can go kill some people too..if HOME gives me the the same flexibility at my HOME...i am on the boat (and of course if the character don't just gather around and you can actually do some more things with it, it would be great)

Cartesian3D3928d ago

kill someone in virtual world..joey tribbiani: "Cooool"

I want to be a Serial killer in HOME.. I cant be in real world because its illegal.

jk ( we must say JK after our joke, because there is some guys here who take everythin serious..)

ip-student3928d ago

I know there is a large number of pirated games (and I don't condone the copyright violation). But you cannot steal a digital copy - the only question is what percentage of those pirated copies would become paying customers if they couldn't have obtained a free copy. I personally think the number of pirated copies doesn't come close to directly relating to the amount of sales lost - if it costs nothing you don't mind giving it a try - if it costs $50 you might pass.

But still, the open nature of the PC platform and the ease at which games can be pirated just further hastens the decay of PC gaming (not the death because at least casual games should continue). In fact, I think the reason PC gaming has been promoted at all is because it used to be a powerful way to get people to upgrade their computer. Once you don't need to upgrade your computer to play games it is amazing how long you can get by with an old computer. That has to greatly concern Intel, AMD, Nvidia and MS (and all the other PC vendors).

Diabloz3928d ago

Why cant they just banned them from online play?

beaner714813928d ago

no way of telling who has the pirated version due to key cracks, its really whoever registers the key first, F.E.A.R. tried to do that and it ended up with people buying the game in the store/retail form and not being able to play online on pc due to someone generating and registering their key.

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