Ninja Theory and The Future of Devil May Cry

VGR: So with all of this being said, why the heck is Ninja Theory doing Devil May Cry? Devil May Cry has been a pure action game with a nonsensical story and forgettable characters (save Dante) seemingly as a rule. To bring in a developer known for having great story and bad combat mechanics seems a bad fit. My prediction is this: traditional Devil May Cry fans are going to HATE DmC (and by and large, they already do). There’s no way the combat is going to hold up to the lofty standard of past games in the series, and if Ninja Theory stays true to their roots, there are going to be some deep themes explored in the game’s story, instead of a thin skeleton of plot made just to push the player from combat scenario to combat scenario.

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Burning_Finger2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

There is no future for that series anymore.

Unless they reboot the series into the original.


Make a new character like SON of DANTE or something to continue the series.

ATi_Elite2524d ago

Devil May Cry = DEAD! (or appearing on iOS)

Ninja Theory = DEADER! (or making iOS games)

DarkHorse2524d ago

I just hope DMC's future is a future without Ninja Theory.Can't they go back to pretending they are Naughty Dog already and leave DMC alone?

jacksonmichael2523d ago

I love it when someone makes a comment and the next comment is almost the exact same thing. Another thing I love is Digimon. Have a nice day.

Baka-akaB2524d ago

The future of Devil May cry is without Ninja Theory

Thatguyinthesuit2524d ago

Why you ask Ninja Theory are doing DmC? Well when this generation started they developed an IP called Heavenly Sword when they went multiplatform their reason was that being exclusive to a single system held them back. So to combat that "exclusivity problem" they made a new IP called Enslaved and it was multiplatform. When to the surprise of Ninja Theory it did worst than Heavenly Sword they decided to point out the "New IP problem" so now they're taking a not-so new IP that is to be released on multiple platforms.

The better question is what problem will they "discover" if DmC doesn't sell well.

Grap2524d ago

there is no ninja in DMC

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