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Hack-and-slash action RPGs, pioneered by Blizzard's Diablo, are essentially slot machines. You click the mouse, and every time you do there's a chance you'll get the loot you want . Yes, the trappings of role-playing and combat mechanics are there, weaker in some cases and stronger in others, but in terms of brain chemistry you're playing for the jackpot.

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sloth33952524d ago

cant get a perfect score if the game is messing up

Emilio_Estevez2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Why not? What about Skyrim? What about 1/2 the games that come out now-a-days. There are lots of games that come out with problems and end up being great. In time, all these issues will be behind Diablo 3. I would think anyone who gives it a perfect score is basing that on the assumption that everything will be fixed, and it probably will.

Ravenor2524d ago

Perfect scores are bogus, but you're right. Its a Blizzard game, it will be polished further and it will be supported until no one plays it anymore.

Everyone seems to forget that Blizzard still patches SC1, D2 and WC3 from time to time and they are all still available to play online.

fermcr2524d ago

If this game wasn't made by Blizzard and didn't have Diablo on the name, what score would it have ?

kesvalk2524d ago

accounting all the bugs and account hacking and things like that? i think it wouldn't even be reviewed....

the five points in the score is only because of the devs cutscene before the main menu...

Trenta272524d ago

When I say stuff like that, I get bashed like none other. I don't get it.

On topic though, it's a great game when its working.

h311rais3r2524d ago

Games great. Cant stop playing :3 looting and dungeon crawling with friends is a blast.

ninavoljic2524d ago

To all those so-called 'critiques' rating D3 with a bad review just because, its servers fell down on its first week.. all I can say is go f*ck yourself, and perhaps, you should simply review

Diablo 3 is a masterpiece. If you've seen the intricacies of its gameplay, skill systems, characters, even the friggin' clock on the upper right of your screen -- you'll realize the game is worth waiting after 12 years.

And nope, I am not kidding about the clock -- how many triple-A titles can you name that has an in-game ticker?

NeoTribe2524d ago

Game is a masterpiece like all blizzard titles.