PS3 Fanboy Interview: Uncharted's Evan Wells

PS3 Fanboy Interview: Uncharted's Evan Wells

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Mattearl3927d ago

Well he said it... "The NEXT Uncharted"
All i can say is... CAN'T WAIT!

heyheyhey3927d ago

roll on uncharted 2 and then jak 4 after- both ps3 exclusive

n_n3927d ago

sequel or prequel will ROCK! and please release a Collectors Edition next time :P

JBaby3433926d ago

This game will be tough to wait for. The first was excellent and I'm still loving it after 3 playthroughs. The visuals in the next game will be even more stunning. This is the best game so far on the PS3 in my opinion. Naughty Dog gets massive props from me for Uncharted. Bring on the next one!!!

DFresh3926d ago

This isn't just the best game on the PS3 right now it's the best console game in general no joke.
I love the PS3 what's shocking is that everyone is still learning the technology and if you thought Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and MGS4 were good just wait a years from there.
This is truly limitless potential and it's true Xbox 360 can't make this this is all Sony all the way.
Praise Sony!