Max Payne 3 Vs. Red Dead Redemption

Two of Rockstar's biggest titles have come out within a couple years of each other. Despite somewhat similar premises, they take wildly different turns concerning story progression, gameplay, and pretty much everything else. But which is the better game overall? Let's find out!

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fastNslowww2526d ago ShowReplies(1)
fastNslowww2526d ago

totally agree :) Sadly the game seems to be TOO hard for the haters ;)

himdeel2526d ago

This game is FAR from hard but there are some slight technical niggles that make it frustrating when it shouldn't be.

neutralgamer192526d ago

Too hard? I find this game fairly easy with predictable AL (if i cover they just walk right out in the middle and blam!!!!) I guess beating Demon Souls and Dark souls three times each doesn't make any game seem hard to me.

I know your not talking about Mp either my first game i got like 15 kills lol. Mp is fairly easy to level up and do good its a shoot fest like COD.

In any case i wasn't a big fan of RDR, so i give it to MP3 all the way although Ive been critical of this game as well.

Bounkass2526d ago

Shame everything is opinion based though.

reznik_zerosum2526d ago

and most people are morons to

hennessey862526d ago

comparing these two games is like comparing GTA 4 against manhunt.

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