PlayTV Details Removed

Originally announced at this year's Leipzig Games Convention, PlayTV is Sony's attempt to turn the PlayStation 3 into a personal video recorder like TiVo. The device has yet to receive an official price or release date, but earlier today UK retailer was listing PlayTV as available on March 28 with a price of £99.99 (about $196).

While an official price and release date have not yet been announced by Sony, it appears someone at jumped the gun, and the site has subsequently replaced the details with "coming soon."

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Mr Marbles3929d ago

is one of those Sony vaporware announcements, when attention is being drawn to Sony's enemies like 360 or Wii, Sony usually annouces some new thing they are coming out with, everyone gets all excited and focuses attention back on Sony. PTV is just another one of those things, it will not happen until 2015,or until the PS4, or when MS does it first and forces Sony to innovate and finally deliver, but Sony announces it to stay in the spotlight and keep folks from looking at the other two, mostly MS, they feel more threatened by them. PTV is a joke, and the joke is on any one who thinks its coming anytime soon.

xhi43929d ago

oh dear mr. marbles.....

all i have to say.

MikeGdaGod3929d ago

i don't know where you've been, but it comes out in two months in Europe

moujahed3929d ago

Mr. Marbles is right about Sony announcing things just to gain attention so they can advertise other things... but PTV comes out in 2 months son.

masterg3929d ago

All companies to that.
It's called good marketing.