Gaming in context - Understanding Atlus' Catherine (with a little help from Diablo 3)

The POW Block said: "Today we're going to talk about Atlus' Catherine, why it gets so much negative press and what the game is really about. Enjoy the gorgeous imagery because I'm about to put your mind to work. This game is totally about sex, but probably not in the way you thought it would be. Ignore everything you've heard about the game before now because I'm going to be the Morpheus to your Neo. Take the blue pill."

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Hitster2708d ago

Very well written, I feel like Atlus should make a post mordum on the game, and if not just repost this on their site lol

joshochos2708d ago

I really enjoyed the game amid all of the controversy.

NosoleeToxin2708d ago

I always enjoy seeing both sides of the coin

SeraphimBlade2707d ago

Dammit I'm supposed to be done school for now. Why is the internet making me learn things?!

Seriously though, really good article. I already loved the game and saw past its "sexist" imagery to find a great story. Now that I understand it better, I love it even more! Thanks!

Hitster2707d ago

Atlus does a really good job with the secondary message intheir games.

Hicken2707d ago

I was always saddened by the thought that people would believe ATLUS would make Catherine to be a shallow game.