Sony at E3: can it dominate?

GameZonew rites, "So far, the answer is a resounding yes. The competition has a few troubles that they need to overcome right off the bat. Nintendo, despite introducing alluring new technology with the Wii U system, doesn’t have a price point or release date for it, putting some questionable doubt into the faith the company has for it… though it will reveal plenty of new games. Meanwhile, Microsoft, considered to be Sony’s biggest competitor, is taking more of an “entertainment” approach at its press conference, sure to introduce new services for its Xbox 360 console and putting games in the back seat… save for a little sequel called Halo 4."

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dangert122530d ago


LOGICWINS2530d ago

EXACTLY. If you only own one console and don't plan on getting any others in the near future, it doesn't matter who dominates because two out of the "Big Three" conferences won't affect you.

sikbeta2530d ago

There is no "war" at E3 to begin with, so no need for companies to win or dominate anything, MS is "losing" 2 years straight with so much kinect sh*t, but the thing is making money for them, so they don't give a f*ck about win or dominate E3, Sony conference will be great, can't wait for TLOU demo and GOW:A also Battle Royale and if we're lucky Soul Sacrifice for Vita, but at the same time N will "re-unveil" the wii-u and all the attention will go there, so if anyone wants to believe in this E3 conference war, Nintendo is going to "win" or "dominate", whatever

BrutallyBlunt2529d ago


Actually logically speaking that's not true. If one dominates where do you think developers will turn to and put most of their efforts? Sure the current generation now doesn't matter much any more as they are near the end of their cycle but if one does extremely well next generation that system could potentially not only dominate in hardware sales but also in software support.

MaxXAttaxX2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

This isn't GDC (Game Developers Conference).
E3 is more like a giant gaming commercial BY the developers for the consumers.

And like the comments above said, most people will only care about what they'll offer for the systems they own.

JhawkFootball062529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I liked the statement, but was caps really necessary?

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dark-hollow2530d ago

it boils down between sony and nintendo.

ms arent even trying anymore...

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SnotyTheRocket2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

You know when the showed the first Uncharted 2 Gameplay afew years ago at E3? Thats how awesome the ENTIRE show will be.

ATi_Elite2529d ago

I think after the debacle that MS had at E3 last year.........I really see MS dominating E3 with Nintendo coming in second and Sony coming in 3rd!!

Unless Sony unveils PS4 then it's automatically first place which i highly doubt!

Sony will have a solid E3 with the Last Guardian and and the last of us and a few other strong Exclusive titles along with more from the PSVita but it's time to wind down the PS3 and prepare for next gen like MS did last year.

Nintendo has the WiiU to wow us all with so their showing should be brilliant and nothing less!!

MS has a chance to steal the show IF they go all out with Windows 8, Xbox360 on PC, Xbox720 showing, integrated and advanced Kinect for the Xbox720, and of course Halo 4!

PC..........My platform of choice waits for Gamescon to show it's new stuff as E3 is all about the consoles. Besides most PC Gamers are too busy playing Tera, Diablo III, and Day Z to even care about E3 right now!!

dangert122529d ago

For games I honestly think sony we have the most sex appeal maybe SOME of nintendos will be better looking but I doubt they will have many games with hardcore kind of depth and ms will do well with halo 4

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DA_SHREDDER2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Nintendo has 20 games to talk about. Alot of them will be for the WiiU, can't wait!

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StrongMan2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Can Sony dominate E3? YES!
Will Sony dominate E3? YES!

How can Sony not dominate E3 when they said they will be showing over 20 new games while MS will only show more free apps for a paid service and Nintendo will show new 5 year old tech hardware.

CoolBeansRus2530d ago

Somebody is a little bias.
"MS will only show more free apps for a paid service and Nintendo will show new 5 year old tech hardware."

I was going to watch E3, but now im not. You figured it out.

Ck1x2529d ago

Not to mention, but isn't that an oxymoron as well. "Nintendo will show new 5 year old tech hardware!" Lol
How does this guy begin to explain that?

Asgaro2529d ago

It is already known that Microsoft will focus on entertainment services, and not on games at the E3.

And did you really expect they still care about hardcore gamers? They only have Halo 4 to show for you...

CoolBeansRus2529d ago

CK1x are you sure it doesn't make sense? read it again and ask yourself if you would post that comment. What does a comment like that offer to this post? *Im a fanboy, but take me seriously*

E3 will go to the company that offers that most, simple as that. It's not going to be Sony just because u like it. World doesn't revolve around YOU.

TekoIie2529d ago

Amazing how when someone says MS will win they're full of crap. But when someone says Sony is guaranteed to win its as though their suggestion is the only logical outcome?

Do we know what MS is showing? NO. Do we know what Sonys showing? NO. All we have is speculation and rumours.

Why does everything have to be a competition in gaming? It's as though we all have to justify our opinions and then present them as a fact.

CoolBeansRus2529d ago

Yea! Bubbles for being aware and not being a tool.

JTX2530d ago

All I care to see out of anything at e3 is the last of us footage

dark-hollow2530d ago

new consoles are always the biggest attraction imo at least.

BrutallyBlunt2530d ago

Me too.

By the way, any of the big 3 can dominate. I have a feeling it will be Nintendo as they have the most to prove with the Wii U. Sony will have a ton of games and make a big push with Vita, Microsoft will get some well known people on the stage and continue to push Kinect and its media functions.

My hopes are an official price drop on the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. I also want a surprise from Valve and Rockstar.

A-Glorious-Dawn2529d ago

Microsoft will show Black ops 2 I imagine.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2530d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo would need to pull something big outta their butts to beat Sony now. This is usually the case though. Normally, Ms is quiet before coming out with some shocker, but I can't think of anything they can do to shock ppl now. Stealing exclusives? None left but FFv13 and I doubt anyone really cares at this point.

Nintendo has a better shot than MS. Mostly, cuz they have another shot to wow us with the WII U. And the 3DS might get a couple surprise game announcements as well.

It'll boil down to Sony and Nintendo I think. My money's on Sony though. And I still believe Agent is gonna be shown with a release date.

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