Virtua Tennis 3 images

Sega released these images from the Playstation 3 version of Virtua Tennis 3, showing the game in its full 1080p glory. Impressive hair!

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richie007bond5847d ago

I noticed loads of jaggies,wtf 1080p no wonder if they enabled AA the frame rate would be mince at this resolution lmao

Krimson5847d ago

We're seeing a lot of very impressive PS3 content right now and this leaves something to be desired in my opinion.

Hopefully games like this will have 720p options where their is a bit more detail/texturing/shading and whatnot.

kewlkat0075847d ago

is what 1080p babblers been babbling about? hehe You trying to tell me this looks better than 1080i on my 32 inch HDTV..who is sony trying to fool?

Anyhow there only things moving on screen in this game is the ball and the players. I'm sure the crowd claps. The grass looks airbrushed with no textures. This game just another tool for sony.

specialguest5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

ever since you appeared on this site, you've been nothing but negative on everything Sony, even though you claim to be neutral. i hope you never buy a PS3 since you seem to hate everything about it.

and another thing, why do you hate 1080p so much? even if it's not needed by 90% of the consumers, why bash a nice BONUS feature? what are you now? the practical-technology police?

THAMMER15847d ago

But its not worth the $600.00 price tag.

specialguest5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

well guess what, don't buy a PS3..please! so there'll be some left for those who do want one badly.

sweeper5847d ago