Aliens: Colonial Marines Interview With Randy Pitchford

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford speaks at length about the conception of Aliens: Colonial Marines, working with Ridley Scott, Asymmetrical competitive multiplayer, and why the Wii U version of the game is going to be the best looking.

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nCoGn33t02528d ago

A little disappointing that Randy gave ZERO mention of Rebellion's AVP game from 2 years ago, that had the same "Xenomorphs VS. Marines" MP he's touting to much as being new and original. Yes, the game was huge letdown, overall...but still, give a professional.

arbitor3652528d ago

the game looks pretty bad, to be honest.

- derivative level design
- primitive character animations
- lack of enemy diversity
- what looks to be repetitive, uninteresting gameplay

it will probably end up with the same types of reviews as the AVP game that came out a few years back.

mike1up2528d ago

To be honest, I am on the fence.

The main thing that's kept me interested is the fact that this game actually follows a great Aliens movie, Aliens. Imo it is leaps and bounds better than the other movies, and is a story worth telling (again).

RevXM2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

I agree with animations, but its a solid looking game! Granted human characters look average and have very unatural looking skin and there is a little low res texture there and here. Overall though I find this to be a really good game technically.

What strikes me first is the lighting, its brilliant!
All realtime and I believe, I heard this game have some sort of global illumination (advanced bouncing lights tech) on all platforms too, wich is great!

Some slightly canny animations/execution of movement and unatural looking skin... just nitpicking as they are far from disasterous. (Like in a lot of popular RPG games ERRRHM).

As for the textures, Ive only seen console Footage so I think PC/Wii-U will look a lot better in that departement.