This Is The End(ing): Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2

411's Gavin Napier returns to put a bow on the Final Fantasy series for now, exploring the endings of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, and the Another Castle Hall of Shame inducts a classic game with a twist ending in this week's This Is The End(ing).

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MWH2530d ago ShowReplies(1)
Lucretia2530d ago

13-2's ending was insane. The game was great, the only people who act like its not are the trolls and haters who didn't even give 13-2 a chance just because ff13 was just a "good" rpg instead of a flawless master piece.

yet these same people will buy COD every single year, buy a game because someone else bought it, and judge a game without ever playing it.

deep_fried_bum_cake2530d ago

I agree completely with with your first bit, the second bit about COD seems a bit random though.

Although you are right about judging the game without playing it. Before the game release, despite all of the amazingly positive stuff being revealed about the game, you couldn't say anything positive about the game without getting massively disagreed with.

XIII and XIII-2 articles are one of the only places on N4G where people can swear, troll and make personal attacks on people without being bubbled down, unless a mod sees it.

Lucretia2530d ago

its so true as you say. sorry i mentioned COD because it gets a bunch of free passes but anything japanese gets bashed. Square only made ff13 and 13-2 this gen on home consoles yet everyone thinks they suck, they just publish the other games.

Namco and capcom also get bashed beyond comprehension. yet again, dragon age 2 launches day 1 with 60$ of day 1 dlc.

it just gets on my nerve, but in the end aslong as i enjoy it i guess it doesnt matter that much