Which TV Series Deserves A Video Game?

So Community recently aired an episode where the characters were in a video game and that got eGamer thinking. As gamers, we might not all like the same shows – except for Game of Thrones, everyone loves that – but at some point in our lives we have all thought what it would be like if our favourite series got made into a game. Yes, a number of series’ have already been made into games that were ‘meh’ at best and that’s the cold reality of life but eGamer exists in a realm outside of reality where potatoes are kings, drunkards are praised like knights and you are not confined to the constrictions of life as we know it.

So, while here you have a chance to think about which of your favourite TV series' really deserves a video game made in its image. You might even like to specify what genre game it would be and possibly even go into specific detail about gameplay or story or just the general setting for this game.

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Moncole2527d ago

I would play the game they did in the Community episode.