Call of Duty Vita to Revitalize PlayStation’s Handheld Platform

"Call of Duty on PlayStation Vita, a portable gaming dream many gamers around the world anticipate after the Senior Vice President of PlayStation marketing, Guy Longworth confirmed its existence and planned release of Fall 2012. Unarguably one of, if not the most popular video game franchise this console generation, Activision’s debut release of Call of Duty on Sony’s latest handheld gaming platform will be the most crucial factor of success for the Vita since its launch earlier this year."

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tmanmushroom2527d ago

I'm really hoping a good vita lineup will be announced at e3. It will be the deciding factor of me buying one!

ksense2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

unless activision goes balls out and does a unique COD that is not a port of the console version and sony and activision put massive marketing dollars behind it I don't see COD being a system seller like many of you think. A stand alone GTA will. an elder scrolls or fallout game made just for vita can be system sellers. metal gear solid and monster hunter will sell gangbusters in japan.
cross platform play for multiplayer over wifi will probably never work. they could prolly do a cross platform play for the zombie mode since that limits you to 4 players but even then connections never gonna be stable.

da_2pacalypse2527d ago

If they release cod for vita, I won't buy it. It's a waste of money. I'd rather buy some new exclusives that I know sony is capable of making :)

miyamoto2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

If this video will help us have a positive outlook on CoD Vita, ...

then listen to former Activision-man now SCEA CEO Jack Tretton himself.

Oh and Naughty Dog is making a game on PS Vita, too. Probably ND Uncharted 3 Team. ND Uncharted 2 Team is working on TLOU.

frelyler2527d ago

Why would cross play not work? It works on a number of titles currently, Wipeout being one which has a high frame rate. I'm sure the cross play is going to be one of the biggest bullet points for this title. I could care less about COD but I can see the possibility. People would buy this stuff in droves if they could play at home and away while constantly evolving the same character XP. Even if it only works over Wifi people will still buy it like crazy in major metropolitan areas.

ilikestuff2527d ago

if cod vita has a multiplayer like the one for consoles it'll sell, think about how many little kids there are that would love to be able to play cod ALL the time. cod vita is the key for them if its done right.

Awesome_Gamer2527d ago

I don't care about COD, give me GTA and MGS for vita please sony!

SilentNegotiator2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

It's the first dual stick portable COD game.

Yes, it's a f***ing major system seller.

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sinncross2527d ago

Even if just a port, if there is no COD (or not of the same quality) on the 3DS then you have something unique to the portable arena for the PSV.

I think the big thing will be whether Activision gets cross-platform play with the PS3 version. That would be a unique selling point.

ronin4life2527d ago

But that's just it: Activision won't keep CoD on just one handheld. Not when it can profit from both. Even the wii has CoD(not that CoD is so overly complicated the wii couldn't handle it...)
And it won't be a watered down version either: the 360 CoD certainly isn't lacking compared to the ps3 version.

Studio-YaMi2527d ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but are you suggesting that if COD would be released on both PSV and 3DS that the 3DS version won't be watered down ?

if so,then you're delusional ! the 3DS is "NOT" graphically capable as the PSV and the Wii version of call of duty was terrible,you can check some gameplay footage or screen shots of it on the internet to see how awful it looks.

Not trying to hate on Nintendo here,but just saying that what you just stated is false (if I haven't misread..).

yabhero2527d ago

3DS could totally have COD, not only that it probably will. I mean, my iPhone can run COD. Scratch that it definitely coming. The DS has N64 graphics and it's had a decent COD since 04. The 3DS could totally pull off a good COD game. For example COD wii doesnt look too crappy. It just needs better lighting and textures. That happens to be the 3ds GPU's speciality.
Watch that... 3ds can totally handle COD only slightly watered down

Jazz41082526d ago

Is this the same cod that sony fans have been laughing at xbox for supporting? The one that is supposed to suck balls? The one that is full of milk? The complete rehash? The one that needs a new engine? The one battlefield destroys? Just wondering than why is this game now gods gift to the Vita? Could it be there is a little more at play when the sticks are thrown on here and the Real truth lies in the middle with most fan boy arguments? Again just wondering....

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Same here, almost buying a Vita (imported, I'm not going to give the greed bastards in Sony Brasil my money, much less with the unrealistic 800 bucks price tag).

I think I'll regret it... Nothing wrong with the Vita, it's me that don't mix well with portables and they end up somewhere in my desk, collecting dust (GBC, PSP and NDS are all in here somewhere)... But I really like the tech and the games are starting to give me that "can't pass" feel.

It was the same impulse that made me buy a PSP (which didn't ended exactly well, but when I got to use it, it was major fun) and I still like portables. I guess I just need to think of a way to make 'em more enjoyable for me, maybe hooking it to a big screen is all I need, I already tested it and it's not as unconfy as PSP being a little bigger and the better dual analog make for a good grip.

With that said, I don't think COD will be the game to make me buy it... The video got me hyped, I loved those scenes with horses against top notch tech, but I have been fooled by COD before and it's simply not for me if it's the same as the latest CODs too fast gameplay (I like tactical approachs better). What I'm really looking for is maybe some good hack'n'slash, I know GOW will land on it sooner or later, but I would love to see something else there too, preferabley sooner.

slaton242526d ago

you are right, COD wont be the reason i will be getting a vita....FFX HD, a gta game, MGS, and othe awesome games will help me get it...i read its suppose to be a port of black ops 2 and if u have 3g it wont work to well with the multiplayer for some reason but wifi only it will work alot better....btw i thought monster hunter was coming out on ps3 and vita in the states i havent heard nothing about that in a while...well im still hoping

farhad2k82527d ago

All the VITA needs, is Flash/HTML 5.. and a shit ton of new games/accessories announced at E3.. plus a new firmware which has new goodies for us!
I want to see GTA, Monster Hunter, CoD, Gran Turismo and maybe a former Battlefield.. don't mind a Battlefield 2 or 1942 port. Hopefully, all of them come with a stable multiplayer experience, and some sort of 3G minigame.

NBT912526d ago

BF 1942 would be a superb game to have on the Vita, in fact just that on the Vita with multiplayer as stable is it is or was, on the PS3, would make me dust off my Vita.
At this point, Vita is still something that I would say, is only worth buying if you absolutely have the money to blow on one... Not a necessity yet. But it IS getting there, it just needs more games and features, it feels extremely underwhelming right now especially when the PS3 has so much going for it.

Y_51502526d ago

Exactly! I'm on the same boat as you buddy!

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Snookies122527d ago

As much as I don't care for most Call of Duty games, this will DEFINITELY help the Vita sales. So, I am hoping it gets released soon... I might check it out, just to see how well it translates onto a portable. Though if Unit 13 is anything to go by, it'll do wonderfully.

flankhim2527d ago

I will buy a Vita if a good call of duty comes out.

slaton242526d ago

if its like call of duty 2 or modern warfare 1 it will be an amazing cod my own opinion

Ult iMate2527d ago

>>Though if Unit 13 is anything to go by, it'll do wonderfully.
Agree. Unit13 is like the breath of fresh air in the genre. Huge, non linear levels, fun AI (when it comes down to shooting), long campaign. I wish those who likes shooters pay more attention to this game. Sadly it didn't get much PR.

Snookies122527d ago

Oh for sure man. The game is fun enough solo, but it's even better co-op with a friend while in party chat. It feels almost like Splinter Cell in a way with how you have to wait for a good time and well placed shot to kill someone without others noticing.

I normally don't care for shooters, but Unit 13 was a wonderful game. Sad that Zipper closed down... :[

JoeReno2527d ago

i loved Unit 13. the most fun i have had with my vita thus far. Uncharted is a very close 2nd. buy Unit 13 was very under rated IMO.

JoGam2527d ago

Agreed, Unit 13 is AWESOME. Must buy!

himdeel2527d ago

Agreed! Unit 13 and Uncharted are the only Vita games I have right now and Unit 13 is a very good game and truly a snapshot of what a MP game could be like on the Vita. I'm still making my way through the campaign solo. I reserve coop for my friends and it's great fun!

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NastyLeftHook02527d ago

this is going to sell 30 million vitas.

Patriots_Pride2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Sad but true.

@below - The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
Sorry about that. Stupid youtube : (

NastyLeftHook02527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

good metallica song

BISHOP-BRASIL2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

You can just find it on Youtube alternative links, like this:

Great music and great performance in the clip indeed.

To think I used to bang around like those fans in the beginning just bring back memories... and neck pain... and hangover remorse... and I kind of miss my old man lectures too!

EDIT: Forgot to add the link.

hardcorehippiez2526d ago

yea metallica are a great band . wonder whatever happened to the game they were supposed to be making . Sad but true was a great song but i still prefer the ride the lightning album and song fade to black. i dont have a vita yet, but when i do i wont be rushing out and buying cod . i dont like what it has become on ps3/xbox 360 so i dont want it on vita. battlefield now thats a different story.

rbluetank2527d ago

i hope it get released for the Vita with extra content to help out sell for he Vita. i want extra content and not just a port....

PersonMan2527d ago

Soooooo tired of hearing or reading the words "Call of Duty"!


I want some real games on the vita.

Parapraxis2527d ago

Call of Duty will be huge for Vita, more Vita's sold = more games.
You have nothing to lose from a hugely successful franchise hitting this platform.

WeskerChildReborned2527d ago

It's not like we are forced to buy Call of Duty games anyway, a COD on a Vita interest's me since i wanna see how it will end up.