The 5 Greatest Video Games to Bless This Generation

There may be a large portion of the gaming community who think that gaming publications are handing out 9′s and 10′s to video games a little too frequently, diluting the meaning of a high score. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe these guys are right? That perhaps this generation has delivered to us gamers experiences of such mind-blowingly incredible proportions that the excessive praise is appropriate? Anyhow, since this generation has been rumored to be in its waning days, it is more appropriate than ever to crown five out of the thousands of games to come out as the best (in no particular order).

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NastyLeftHook04382d ago

demons souls.
metal gear solid 4.
uncharted 1 2 3
gran turismo 5
deus ex human revolution.

snipes1014382d ago

If you read the article, you'' see that wasn't quite the idea ;)

4382d ago
Dark_Overlord4382d ago

Judging from the comments on here at the moment, I don't think any of them read the article :D

snipes1014382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

@dark...yes it would seem to be that way haha...this has been a litmus test for how the comments work on n4g.

Hey guys, this article is a spoof. Click the link and look at whats on there lol.

Y_51504382d ago

Hey I want to show a list too!
1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
3. Super Mario 3D land
4. Super Mario Galaxy
5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Games that define a generation. :)

LAWSON724382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Here's my list
Mass Effect 1
Halo 3
Red Dead Redemption

Venoxn4g4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Super mario galaxy 1 & 2
Zelda: skyward sword


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isarai1d 18h ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about

Nacho_Z19h ago

Always annoying when articles do that.

I agree with them that the tv show was a bit on the clean side. They got loads right regarding set design etc but there's room for improvement.

gold_drake20h ago

i dont. it hurts my eyes. but im fairly ssensitive when it comes to that sort of stuff.