$220 Million Battleship Flop Sinks Not Only Universal Pictures, But Activision Game

Activision has drastically reduced the number of games it releases these days. The company remains focused on core franchises like its two Call of Duty games, including Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and popular Skylanders toys and games. But while many publishers have moved away from Hollywood licensed games, Activision still dabbles in them. You just don’t hear a lot about some of these games, including the new Battleship game from developer Double Helix.

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ddurand12345d ago

nothing about the movie looked appealing.

LarVanian2345d ago

That and the fact that it was competing against Avengers didn't do it any favours.

TopDudeMan2345d ago

Lets not forget american pie.

thorstein2345d ago

Had they called it anything BUT Battleship, it might have done better. I think naming it after the board game and pretending as if it had any thing in common really hurt it.

If it was called Aliens Attack, it may have faired slightly better.

DarthJay2345d ago

I am pretty sure it could have been competing against a theatrical version of two straight hours of a dude taking a dump and it would have done just as poorly.

jony_dols2345d ago

Battleship has still earned over $240 million dollars at the box office, with an estimated 209 million budget. Factor in a few more weeks at the BO, and it should be more than enough to cover all the marketing costs.

Blu-ray, Digital & TV rights will probably result in it pushing a tidy profit. It's a pretty bad film, but certainly not a catastrophic flop.

Dee_912345d ago

did rhianna havee a sex scene ?
did she go topless ?
well did she wear a bikini atleast !?
Il pass :)

killcycle2345d ago

I work at a Cinema and Battleship came out an entire month before the Avengers did so how they competing?

It was an ok movie, nothing amazing but it weren't like how critics were claiming it was.

LarVanian2345d ago

@ killcycle

This should answer your question.

SilentNegotiator2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

A movie that tries to cash in on transformers with a board game license that has nothing to do with itself.

WHO would have guessed that could have an iffy performance??!!?

hotrider122344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

now we know why TDKR and AMAZING SPIDERMAN is end of may and july 3rd.
be interesting to see would either movie take AVENGER off 1# position if were release a weekend later or same time.
good question but we'll never know.
............................. .............................. . ...................
If only Michael Bay made Transformer like BATTLESHIP i believe it would been very satisfying. and also BATTLESHIP would been more rewarding and entertaining if the title was called "ALIEN ATTACK"

ChickeyCantor2344d ago

In all honesty, I havn't seen the Avengers yet. But I sure ain't going for the story. If you go for the story then you're an idiot.

I have yet to see this movie. Again not gonna watch it for the story. So I should be in for some amazing shizzle =D

gaffyh2344d ago

@Sidar - The only reason to watch ANY movie is for the story, otherwise there is no point watching anything ever.

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Nimblest-Assassin2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Pretty much the movie was transformers 4... with even less plot. My friend sneaked in to watch it after he watched the Avengers for the 3rd time... and he said he regrets wasting his time...

Nothing about the movie seemed appealing, its a movie based on a childhood boardgame, and you made an FPS to accompany a movie based on a boardgame?

Not to mention the fact that you put aliens in? I mean whose idea was this?

Whats next Paramount/Activision?

A Monopoly movie staring aliens, that will also be accompanied with a FPS game?

Etseix2345d ago

Avengers for the 3rd time. and he calls "wasting time" to... you get my point , oh, snap! :D

Soldierone2344d ago

*Discussion at Activision*

Boss "hey take the COD engine, re texture it with images from that Battleship movie and release it"

Peon studio "Okay!"

boss" Oh and be sure to put as little effort as possible so we get pure profit!"

By the way sadly they are making a monopoly movie....and a candy land movie.....ugh.....

GraveLord2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Seems like a great mediocre summer flick.
I'd pirate it.

Green Lantern movie was horrible? Weird, I enjoyed that one. This is why I don't pay attention to reviews or box office rankings.

BlackTar1872344d ago

Grenn lantern was so bad so so so bad

Knushwood Butt2345d ago

@ jony_dols

I think you added an extra digit in there:

The film bombed.

jony_dols2345d ago

And I think that you have forgotten that there is a big wide world out there.

Battleship (like The Avengers) received a general international release back in April and had already grossed over $215 million before its US release.

Knushwood Butt2344d ago

fair point, but don't forget that a fair portion of that box office take goes to the theaters.

For example:

Plus, add on the money spent on advertising.

Saladfax2344d ago

Interesting. I have to wonder about the accuracy of those statistics.

I used to work in a movie theater. It was in a small town (only one screen), so the contracts might be a bit different than they used to be. Anyway, in talking with the owners every now and then, they usually implied that the studios took somewhere between 75%-90% of ticket sale revenue.

Kran2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Indeed. It took a well loved board game about sinking your opponents ships and turned it into a bloody movie about aliens. What the hell is up with that? Thats not called "battleships" then, its called Battleships vs Aliens.

It just hoped to use Battleships well known name to earn money off of it.

CanadianTurtle2345d ago

I can't take the movie seriously just because of the fact that Rihanna is in it. That alone kills the movie for me. I can't ever imagine her in a marine suit...

Its a better version of Battle LA, but its still mediocore at best.

zeddy2344d ago

rhianna was in it. aint no way im paying to watch a musician try n act.

caseh2344d ago

I saw the trailer and thought 'ooohh that looks quite goo...' then I saw Rhianna and it was like '...ooooh'.

Seeing her pretty much convinced me to avoid the film at all costs, singer who i've never seen act outside of music videos being placed in a $220 mil budget film pretty much set the alarm bells ringing.

Then I had flashbacks of Battle LA...*cry* i'll never get those 2 hours of my life back.

orange-skittle2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Then all of you guys are f-ckin' idiots because WILL SMITH, TYRESE GIBSON, BRUCE SPRINGFIELD, LL COOL J, DWIGHT YOAKAM, ASHLEY JUDD, FRANK SINATRA, REBA MCINTYRE, AND MARK WAHLBERG were all musicians before they started acting, so WTF are you talking about?! Get out the damn basement sometime. You think I give a $#!T if you disagree with me. I think you're all nerds anyway that care more about your social status in these non factor forums than your position in the REAL world. look at the guys that stroke for bubbles. Gimme a break.

I didn't see the movie because basing a movie off a board game that had nothing to do with it is nonsense, but just because Rihanna is in it is not a reason to not see a movie. Then you might as well not go and see Fast and Furious 6 because she's going to be in that as well morons. Who cares where you started, it's where you end up. Will Smith is an amazing actor and was passed over for an oscar on many good roles he's played. He is as diverse as Johnny Depp w/o the recognition.

pbasson2344d ago

To call her a musician she has to be able to sing/play instrument. she can do neither. Now shes trying to act, god save our eyes & ears.

spartan112g2344d ago

What about Will Smith? He is an amazing actor. A lot of musicians make fantastic actors, especially since a lot of them put on an act the moment they get up on stage.

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flankhim2344d ago

They should of called it as I called as a kid. BATTLESHIT!

rezzah2344d ago

Already done in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

DeadlyFire2344d ago

Well I thought for a second Wow they are going to make a big sea battle movie. Then well I saw an alien on the teaser and instantly felt like WTF? How is this battleship?

A massive battle in the Sea between two countries with lots of "Epic moments" romance and whatnot throw into the mix with maybe an alien attack towards the end would have been better.

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SKUD2345d ago

I decided to wait and go see prometheus instead. Should be sweet.

Fylus2345d ago

Dying to see that movie.

Ser2345d ago

Agreed! So psyched for Prometheus! Take my money, Mr. Scott! Take it!!!

SSKILLZ2345d ago

fuck yeah Prometheus FTW!

Nimblest-Assassin2345d ago

No love for the Dark Knight Rises as well? Im stoked for both movies.

torchic2345d ago

The Dark Knight Rises.

that has to be the most epic movie title ever. I'd go watch the movie purely based on name.

Hufandpuf2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I'm pretty sure the dark knight will be amazing, but so far the trailers they have released have been underwhelming. However, I for one am going to see it at release.

Sheikh Yerbouti2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Dark Knight Rises will top Avengers in the box office...!

rello912344d ago

wat if prometheus had a movie tie in game

humbleopinion2344d ago

Not exactly a tie-in, but Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming this fall...

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MariaHelFutura2345d ago

Good. Whoever "Ok'd" all of this, should be kicked in the balls/vagina.

MasterD9192345d ago

Activision's game and the movie flops? This is great news. I was rooting for this to happen.

Take a hint Hollywood...Get some originality and stop flocking to these untalented writers and directors.

Prometheus, Avengers, MIB3...these are movies people want to see. But Battleship? You would have to pay me to see this.

M83_2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

It amazes me that they try to get away with these terrible movies and then wonder why they fail.
The only interest I had in it was Rihanna and if she was any good in it.
I guess she didn't do the movie many favours either!;)

MasterD9192345d ago

Her role in there was strictly to pull in females to see that movie. Thats all. I have nothing against her, Taylor K or Liam Neeson but anyone actually involved in this movie should be fired or repremanded.

They tried to use the "From the director of Transformers tagline" and just look at how much advertising they spent money on! This is a bigger flop than John Carter most likely.

I stand by my statement that this is great news. Hollywood needs a massive wake-up call. We've been seeing this for too long and this was one of the worst concepts for a film probably ever.

drosera12345d ago

One of my biggest reasons for NOT seeing it, is because Rihanna is in it. Please, stick to your music dear.

PirateThom2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Get some originality?

A movie in the Alien universe, a movie in the Marvel universe and Men in Black 3?

I know what you mean, but you can't tell them to get some originality and then list three unoriginal movies as examples of good movies. Goes both ways.

MasterD9192345d ago

Hollywood's version of originality is splicing Aliens into an old board game.

Avengers, Prometheus and MIB3 aren't going to such ridiculous extremes to capture audiences because they have pre-established material. They are original in their own ways. It isn't like any of these movies are following an exact formula from the series they were adapted from. They are original actually. Now, whether they do it successfully or not, that is the question.

(I didn't disagree with you) but I see your point. But like I said, you work with what you have. These are pre-established series. Battleship is a ridiculous and unnecessary movie, as well as concept.

LarVanian2345d ago

I would say that Avengers is fairly original. It's the first ever ensemble comic book movie to feature several characters who have all had their own separate feature films beforehand.

Ser2345d ago

You're honestly telling me that an Alien "prequel" by Ridley Scott has the originality equal to that of a movie which was based on a board game?

I'm sorry, but you can't categorize these two movies together at any time. Ever.

And the Avengers? When has this ever been done before???

I'll give you MIB3, but I'd still like to see it for nostalgic purposes.

PirateThom2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Why does a prequel movie set in a pre-established universe suddenly become more original than one that is based on a board game? I'm not saying Battleship is a good movie or Promethesus will be bad because of it but originality doesn't mean a movie will be good just as it won't mean a movie will be bad.

As for the Avengers... a superhero team? It was done in the Avengers comics, for one thing. Watchmen. Fantastic Four. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Mystery Men. X-Men... I don't see how you can call the Avengers an original concept, unless you mean the stand alone movies merging into it but that's a loose tie.

Godmars2902345d ago

Hollywood's issue isn't originality or setting, but consideration and patience. Giving the talent enough room to be talented instead of exploiting them as product shills.

LOTR was hardly original but Jackson was given freedom to do what he wanted. Unlike Rami with Spiderman 3 or the guys who did Green Lantern or Ironman 2.

RedDead2345d ago

Hollywood make the wrong choices. Leeches. That's all they are. Sometimes something good churns out of the grinder but really..what godmars said.

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Jazz41082344d ago

You sunk my Battleship? No, you sunk it yourself.

LoveMyKids2345d ago

I Loved Battleship its a really good movie.

Axonometri2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Was the acting superb, nope. Were the graphics cutting edge and original, nope. Was the plot original and daring, nope.

Considering all that, know what, It's a good movie. I wanted to Bop a couple of the actors and director on the head for letting through a couple lines and partial sequences... but all in all... I have seen far worse. So thank you LoveMyKids. I'm taking my oldest boy this weekend to see this again with me. I know he will think it is awesome.

Oh by the way... John Carter getting higher and higher ratings online now. It's disk releases will likely do very well.

drosera12345d ago

Thank you so much for enabling Hollywood to keep producing garbage movies like this. You, and the other 1 + million people with no taste, are a cancer to the film industry. Watch the film "Idiocracy", you'd fit right in. "Battleship", it's what plants crave!!!

WitWolfy2344d ago

I watched John carter Yesterday... I liked it, a bit weird but I expected worse...

drosera12345d ago

I like junk food, it's really good food. That's the culinary parallel to what you're saying.

Nes_Daze2344d ago

I completely agree with you. I can't understand why people continue to spend their money on movies that are such crap, let alone ACTUALLY say it's a good movie. There are simply so much sheep in the world, I assure you some people just went for the F of it.

ChickeyCantor2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

What kind of an elitist BS is this?
There are enough movies out there with great story and such. To each his own.

I'm glad these movies exist. They aren't meant to be compelling on a profound way. They are just mindless flicks. I wouldn't go to this movie for the story. You obviously go for the "action". Don't like it? then don't go.

" There are simply so much sheep in the world"
Ah yes.... cause people who just enjoy simple things are sheep. Who is to say you aren't a sheep yourself? following the elitist BS to judge others for enjoying "shitty" movies like these. They were never meant to be oscar attracting movies.