Does Square Enix Need To Make A FFXIII-3

**Contains MAJOR spoilers for both the ending of FFXIII-2 and the “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of a Goddess” DLC**

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Canary2526d ago

Square-Enix needs to make a /good/ Final Fantasy game.

There, I said it.

TopDudeMan2526d ago

I swear, if I see a XIII-3 before a versus XIII, I'm gonna lose all faith in square.

tigertron2526d ago

I already lost all faith in them. They've been terrible this gen.

Neckbear2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Look in the direction of Bravely Default instead, then.

2v12526d ago

WHEN HAS square-enix made a good ff game...NEVER...

Lazy_Sunday2526d ago

...or they could just do KH3 and save us all the trouble. I'm tired of waiting Square, give me my fancy real-time combat RPG now.

lategamer2526d ago

Versus is fancy real time combat RPG as well. But in all seriousness, Square needs to get a move on. Finish Versus, we've been waiting since 2006 for it. Then get started on KH3 and Final Fantasy Next.

Lazy_Sunday2524d ago

I know. I want my real time combat RPG fix NAOOWW.

MGS_fanatico_2526d ago

If they were to announce ANYTHING other than a release date for Versus XIII (God forbid they announced XIII-3...) - I'll be giving up on them!
And this is coming from a guy who's been patiently waiting for 6 years. Whatever crap game they decide to do AFTER Versus I don't give a rat's ass about, but - It's Versus' time to shine damn it!!

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Infernostew2526d ago

No but they probably will make it.

Lucretia2526d ago

Bull, if u played the game u would know they NEED it, the ending was so good and unexpecting in 13-2.

need to know wtf happened

NovusTerminus2526d ago

If they give me full party control I wouldn't mind it. So long as Versus XIII comes out first!

I never beat the first XIII because of the lack of party control. I died so many times because the computer was to stupid to heal me!

Kurisu2526d ago

Or because you were too lazy to press L1 and switch to the correct paradagim ;p

Chrono2526d ago

You died because you don't know how to play the game.

Mottsy2526d ago

... i dont think the computer is the one to blame in this scenario.

-Gespenst-2526d ago

I'm not sure I 100% understood the end of Requiem for the Goddess, so I don't know if XIII-3 needs to be made. There's a kind of cliffhanger I guess, but I don't know where they're gonna go with it.


Lighting says she'll wake at the end of eternity. She's crystallized herself to preserve Serah's memory and to basically contain a non-chaotic timeline. She goes on to say that she'll awaken at the end of eternity, I suppose to banish the chaos and to restore the correct timeline as contained within Serah's memories because she's a seeress, I suppose the cliffhanger then is how and when will this actually happen, but I'm not sure...

I don't know, I think the story is good on paper, but I'm not sure how coherently it's told...

OccludedGamer2526d ago

if you 5 star both the battle you get an extra cut scene that explains a little bit more

-Gespenst-2526d ago

Yeah I got that, that's the scene when she says she'll awaken "at the end of eternity".

Godmars2902526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

So you're basically saying 40 hours of gameplay boils down to one fight.

And the worse thing is that neither you and certainly not S/E see how that's a bad thing. How they've supposedly made the series accessible to the main stream, but are only rewarding the most excessive fans.

This is almost as big as the technical F-U they gave with FFX-2 when you had to get 100% for the best ending. Which meant at least two play throughs.

OccludedGamer2526d ago

I never said it wasn't a bad thing, but after playing the whole game if the ending turns up for £2.30 it's my choice to make.

I will buy things for games I enjoy. I know what is not good for the industry but do you really think that one digit among a load is really significant?

Yeah it's not what I expect from FF, but it's as close as SE are offering. I can get bet JRPG fixes elsewhere but I don't plan to give up on FF just yet. Honestly though it didn't take me two playthroughs to get the best ending on either the main game or the dlc.

Lucretia2526d ago

definatly needs a sequel.

i mean Caius is still alive and in the 2nd secret ending it shows caius sending us (the player) or noel? to do exactly what he planned so the ending went the way it did.

caius is alive, light and serah are Effed, basically dead, well serah is dead, Noel and Hope are in the middle of the end of eternity, aaaand yeah it needs to end. Massive cliffhanger.

people will not give credit where its due and admit 13-2 was good, wait i lie, people wont even play the game and will judge it. only the ones who play it know that its actually good

-Gespenst-2525d ago

Yeah Caius is still alive, Lightning is slumbering in crystal waiting for the right time to re-emerge, banish the chaos and restore time, and Valfodr says something about a person of legend who will awaken someday when you defeat him or something. There's a lot of loose ends. If Requiem for the Goddess was the last dlc, there kind of has to be some sort of sequel. If XIII-3 was to make as much of an improvement over XIII-2 as XIII-2 did over XIII, it'll definitely be a truly excellent game.

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