[UPDATE] Pure Chess calls “checkmate” in the US on 29 May

We've got the US price and release details for Pure Chess, coming to the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita May 29.

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flyinrhyno2526d ago

I didnt see were it said the price in the article

flyinrhyno2526d ago

nvm its in the red caption bubble its $7.99, not a bad price I'm gonna pick this up, hope its has training and scalable AI

Skynetone2526d ago

the good: its chess

the bad: three and a half days to load a game, you can move the camera up/down and around the board but you cant lock in a camera position, i would like the camera a bit closer, no online mode

Hicken2526d ago

No online is worrisome... then again, I hate getting my ass kicked by total strangers.

lodossrage2526d ago

No online more for a chess game?

Ok, I usually don't make a big deal out of a game having no online. But THIS...isn't cool

Now I won't be buying it.

Chess is a competitive game by nature. Not having online for it is like...I don't know...E circumcizing or something...

2v12526d ago

if no online mode ,this fails

TekoIie2526d ago

Depends. If it has the difficulty settings on the windows version then it'll have a lot of playability behind it.

TekoIie2526d ago

Sorry there isnt a windows version. Talking bout a different game lol but basically im saying if the difficulties are good then it'll be fine.

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